Making the ‘Peacemaking & Justice in the Palestinian Context’ Special
On International Day of Education, meet Marcy Heinz, a Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice student, speaking briefly about her experience studying with us!

Bible Live:
Tent of Nations
In this month’s Bible Live video, we highlight our friends in the Tent of Nations who teach us to refuse to be enemies and to love our enemies. And we pray that we work towards a better world of peace and justice for all people!

Hopes & Plans
Despite the long year of sicknesses and quarantines, and despite the many postponed plans, our faith continues for a better new year. Listen to our students, staff, and faculty members' hopes and plans for 2022!

As we work on our yearly calendar, please keep this year’s events and activities in your prayers. These include our GLS conference in March, the students’ retreat and the Shepherd Society’s mission trip to Jordan with the students in April, our graduation, and the staff retreat in the summer, among others.

  • This year we are launching a new Master’s Degree in Theology in the Public Square. Pray for a great start to the new program full of new students and for a positive impact on their lives and the community.

As we took advantage of the situation (no tourists) and worked on renovating our guesthouse, please pray that it will be ready soon to accommodate our friends and volunteers. We miss them so much and cannot wait to serve alongside them here on campus.

  •  The news is filled with stories of refugees living in tents passing away due to this very cold weather. Please keep all the refugees in your prayers. May the Lord provide them with all they need to stay warm and healthy.

Many are suffering in silence from the Coronavirus’s harsh symptoms and from other critical health issues, while schools are filled with infected students and teachers. Please keep these in your prayers and let us all pray for an end to this pandemic.
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Thank You!