WSPMA Wishes You A Happy New Year

Things to know for 2023

In 2023, the WSPMA would like to reach more of the association Membership. In the past week, you may have received a flyer with our upcoming events along with a request to complete our Education Survey. If you have not already done so, please take a few moments to provide your feedback so we can best serve those in our industry.

Dr. Laurel Hansen's Ant ID Lab

On Saturday, January 28, Dr. Laurel Hansen will take you through a hand-on ant identification course. Each attendee will receive several ant samples and get the opportunity to look at them under a microscope as Dr. Hansen guides you through identifying the different species.

Space is limited - register now!

8am to 12 pm - 7 seats available

1pm to 5 pm - 14 seats available

Tuesday, February 7

Virtual Event

MGK will cover how to control ants with pesticides as well as pesticide formulation. This course will help develop an understanding of the tools and products available to control ants.

Tuesday, February 21

Hybrid Event

Just in time for busy season, this course will walk through the importance of B&G maintenance and then provide the opportunity for a hands-on rebuilding class. Space will be limited for the in-persons session, so register early.

Benevolent Fund In Action

The WSPMA collects donations to the Benevloent Fund throughout the year. These funds are then used when WSPMA Members are in need.

It was brought to our attention at the end of 2022, that one of our Members was unexpectedly hospitalized and unable to work for the foreseen future. Knowing that this company had a big job to complete before the end of the year, surrounding WSPMA Member companies jumped into action to help complete 11 vertical access panels. Through the actions of these companies, our Member in need was relieved and could focus on recovery!

To donate to the Benevolent Fund, visit

Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference

Registration is now open for the PNW Conference in Hood River, Oregon scheduled to occur February, 23-25, 2023. Members from across the Pacific Northwest will gather to learn and grow at the long standing event.

WSPMA will have our General Membership Meeting on Friday, February 24. We encourage all members who are at the conference to attend our Membership Meeting. During the meeting, we will provide updates on Association happenings. This year, we will be collecting donations for Dr. Laurel Hansen's Scholarship fund. If you are interested in donating prior to the meeting, you can do so at There will be a drawing during or meeting on Friday, February 24 for the winner of the 50/50 raffle.

PNW Pest Management Conference Website - Register Here!

President's Corner

Randy Moffat, A.C.E.

United Pest Solutions

WSPMA President

In the next few weeks, it is my intention to reach out to all member companies to see how we, as an association, can better serve your business, employees and ultimately your customers. Our education committee has been discussing ideas of reaching out to all corners of the state to provide smaller, more localized CEU training courses.

Did you know that WSPMA has several committees that are looking for more people to help improve everything we do? The Education Committee is excited to have some fresh blood join in on some conversations to share new ideas. PWIPM has been taking off with some exciting ideas since their inception a few short months ago. Diversity Committee sure could use your help in molding the future of our industry. How about PestVets? This committee was established by a military veteran in the industry who has since moved into a different field. Things could really use a visionary to take the reins.

Is there an area of this industry that you are passionate about? Please jump in on a committee meeting and share it! If you are interested in being added to the committee lists, please email

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Joe Hatcher

Enterprise Fleet Management

Hello WSMPA members! At the Winter Convention we were fortunate to be able to hear from James Davis, Corporate Inclusion and Diversity Manager for Enterprise Holdings. One of the first topics we covered was how we solve problems. On the image below, can you find a way to draw 4 straight lines that touch all nine dots without picking up your pen? Stay tuned next month for the answer!


Have a story to share? Email it here!

January 28: Ant ID Lab

February 7: Ant Workshop

February 21: B&G Workshop

February 23-25: PNW Conference