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The Big Books We're Looking Forward to in 2020
We asked our staff to tell us what books they are looking forward to the most in the New Year. Pre-order these now to make sure your copies are waiting for you!
Jeanine Cummins
There may not be a more anticipated book on the horizon for our store. Bookies' staff members like Larry, Midge, Susan and more have all pointed to this book as being 'THE' book for 2020. A story of a family forced to flee for their lives from Mexico and what waits for them in our country.   
The Splendid and the Vile
Erik Larson
Larson is back! The author that brings history to life turns his spotlight on Winston Churchill, his family, and the blitz.
Suzanne Collines      
Here is what we know so far. Suzanne Collins has a new book coming out, set in the Hunger Games universe. Other than that? Nothing. Yet this may be the most talked about book worldwide on our list. What awaits us in Panem? We can't wait to find out.

Karen Schneemann | Lily Williams 
We fell in love with this book when we were lucky enough to host artist Lily Williams in our store. A graphic novel about friendship, activism, art and very necessary discussions about need and understanding.  
Picked by our very own Bookie, Mary Jane, Almond using wonderful illustrations to tell the story of a little girl in search of her undisputed talent.  
Return to Eerie-On-Sea, the Grand Hotel Nautilus and Lost-and-Founder, Herbert Lemon! A monster is loose and only Herbie can help. The sequel to the hit Malamander (translated into 14 languages & optioned for a film), promises more fun, creatures, and hopefully, a visit to our favorite mermonkey bookstore.
(May 2020)
Destination Wedding
From the internationally bestselling author of The Windfall. . . . What could go wrong at a lavish Indian wedding with your best friend and your entire family?

TaraShea Nesbit   
Larry's pick for our list! Well, actually, he had a few, but we went with this one. It's the dawn of America, and a stranger has arrived at Plymouth Massachusetts and one of the first crimes & trials in our nation's history occurs.   
The Buddhist on Death Row
David Sheff 
One of the most unexpected books to hit shelves in recent memory. This is the true story of a convicted killer, a man who has lived a horror story of a life, and his transformation, while awaiting his execution, into one of the most profound Buddhist thinkers in America.   
This comes to us from Bookie Dona and is Magda Szabo's newest release in English. The most popular of this prize-winning author's books in her native Hungary. Although she died in 2007, her books have only recently been released, one by one here in the US. 
The Game Board (with Bookie Steve?!)
Ages 3 & Up.

(Editor: This issue we're letting one of our staff members write our game recommendation, let's see how this goes)  
Hi everyone Bookie Steve here. You may know me from my time over in the YA section of our store and my Philadelphia Eagles fandom. Neither of those matter to this part of the newsletter though, because I am here to tell you about my favorite game in the store, Munchkin Deluxe. Normally this part is reserved for our gaming expert Karla, but I was allowed to do this because I love this game so much! If you like fantasy, fun, silliness, cards, killing monsters, betraying your friends, and chainsaws, you'll love this. It's like Dungeons and Dragons, but easy, and fast, and silly, and fun... AND WITH CHAINSAWS! AND DRAGONS! AND TREASURE! AND MORE CHAINSAWS!!! NEXT TIME YOU'RE IN THE STORE COME ASK ME ABOUT THE CHAINSAWS AND I'LL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THE....
(Editor: It went poorly, but you can talk to us about the game when you visit, maybe ask for Steve...but if you want to just avoid all of that, you can buy the game on our website by CLICKING HERE)

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