25+ years serving the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood!
A Message From the Executive Director

SouthFair has been a staple in the South Dallas/Fair Park community for 26 years now. Throughout the years we have successfully navigated public-private partnerships in order to provide the best benefits to the community.

  • We have completed new construction and rehab of approximately 350 apartment units and built close to 50 units of single family and townhomes. 
  • SouthFair provides free pre-purchase education to assist those with the homebuying and mortgage readinesss process. 
  • We have built a 6,000 square foot commercial development that initially serviced the senior population but now serves as a family medical clinic. 
  • Our SouthFair Senior Care Program supports our seniors with aging in place as long as possible by providing outings and assisting with keeping them abreast of senior related information. 
  • SouthFair continues to stay connected to its homeowners through its free post purchase workshops.
This year we are gearing up to start construction on another four units of single family houses in the spring, continue conversations to garner more support for our retail development project and start pre-development on more housing projects.  View SouthFair's  resume  to see a more inclusive list of our past and current developments.

Year after year, SouthFair continues to live up to its mission  of  providing affordable housing to low and moderate income families through multifamily and single family development all while accessing the need for economic development and acting as a navigator of social services for those in the community. 

Throughout the years, it has become more and more challenging to continue to do what we do. We have seen less grant opportunities therefore the competition for the remaining grants are more competitive than ever. There are times that projects are delayed beyond our control therefore delaying development fees that are vital to our existence.  

Fundraising is a must!! I ask and encourage you to support SouthFair. If you have never done so please consider my request. If you have supported SouthFair in the past I ask that you continue to do so and encourage friends, colleagues and family to support you in your support of SouthFair.

What pride and joy I feel when I bring my children to an open house or point out SouthFair's developments as we drive through the neighborhood. The smile continues to stay glued on my face as we stay connected with our homeowners and hear feedback of how thrilled they are to have had the opportunity and the support to become a homeowner. 

Help us continue to help the South Dallas community. How about $25 a pay period . . . $250 a month . . . $2,500 a quarter?  We will accept any funds you wish to donate. For those who wish to pledge a dollar amount at a particular time of the year or to make multiple donations throughout the year, as a convenience we can send pledge reminders and/or invoices. You can send checks or money orders made out directly to SouthFair to our office. You can also donate online via our paypal link.  

If you have a non-cash donation (i.e. land, office space, supplies, professional services, or anything else) just email me to share.

Wishing you well!
- Annie Evans

Kicking off the New Year
Yes more new homeowners in South Dallas! Three more families have earned the new title of homeowner. 

Mr. & Mrs. Cabrera ended 2017 with a home purchase. They purchased one of our townhomes. So congrats to them on the home purchase and also on their new addition to their family to arrive in 2018!  

Even with the delays that were out of their hands, both Ms. Wise and Mr. Nash stayed the course in order to purchase their houses soon after we started the new year. Ms. Wise was able to choose colors and other features in her home. Mr. Nash was a tenant in one of our apartment complexes that is now a home owner. With only graduating high school a few years ago, he is also our youngest homeowner yet!   

The Cabrera's new townhome
Purchased December 2017

Ms. Wise brand new home
Purchased January 2018
Mr. Nash's new townhome
Purchased January 2018

P ost Purchase Worhshop

We had a great post purchase workshop earlier this month.  Ken Smith with Revitalize South Dallas Coalition provided a very informative workshop on community involvement and growing your neighborhood association. 

Our next post purchase is Saturday, February 3rd at 10a at SouthFair's office. This one is a Kids Financial Literacy Workshop. Kids will learn about opening a business, the value of money and paying loans/debts. If you know of any parents that would be interested in having their children participate just let us know. 

Donate - Donate - Donate

With your help we can continue to do what we do best, revitalize the neighborhood in which we serve by:
  • building very much needed developments such as affordable housing,
  • providing homebuyer counseling that helps families improve not only their credit but their sense of financial responsibility,
  • improving the quality of life for our seniors, and
  • allowing for our small staff to stay afloat to address the concerns of the community.
Please feel free to drop by our office to provide a donation ,use the pledge form to mail in a donation or donate online. All donors will receive a receipt and a letter of acknowledgment.
"Businesses, like babies and books, need nurturing, time, energy, love, planning and, yes, money to develop, grow and prosper."  
- Rachael Bermingham

Staff  Spotlight: Mary Ann Cuellar
Mary Ann Cuellar has been in the housing counseling field for over two decades. She is the most "witty" addition to our staff yet. Mary Ann started working for SouthFair last January. She can make you laugh and help you on your way down the path to home ownership. We may just loose her once she books her first comedy gig :) 

Where born -Tulia, Texas

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food - My favorite restaurant is  Uncle Julio' s Mexican Restaurant. I  love to cook and eat authentic Mexican dishes. My favorite dish is " Arrozo con Pollo" (chicken and rice casserole)

Family - I have seven brothers. I am the only girl and the baby of the family. I know what it' s like to fight your way to the top. Freedom and independence became my favorite words.

Famous person you would most like to meet- I would love to meet and save the world with Oprah Winfrey. On the other hand, I' d love to have at least a cup of coffee with George Clooney.

Words that describe you best - Tenacious, independent, humanitarian, selfless, entertainer

In  your spare time you - volunteer, keep up with my only grandson, and shop for bargains

If you learned one thing in life - Life isn 't about waiting for  the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain.

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community?   I know SouthFair CDC is a huge asset to our South Dallas community. My hope is that SouthFair, along with other Community Developments Cooperations in the area, have and will continue to provide homebuyer opportunities to many low to moderate income families that may have never experienced the " American Dream " assuming they couldn ' t due to income and/or credit issues.  
SouthFair provides " one on one " Pre-Purchase Counseling which helps homebuyers increase their credit scores and financial management skills. Furthermore, we also offer Post Purchase workshops to ensure homeowners receive continuous education on how to maintain and keep a home which includes budgeting for emergencies, always improving credit, how to do your own repairs, and much more. We work very hard to keep our homeowners educated and engaged.
My desires for SouthFair is that we continue to build homes in the heart of Dallas, Texas, and that our goal to obtain additional funders is a short term goal versus a long one. 

SouthFair CDC| info@southfaircdc.org| 214.421.1363| www.soutfaircdc.org

SouthFair Staff
Annie Evans~Executive Director | Ester Perry~Executive Assistant | Lois Lilly~Housing Assistant | Mary Ann Cuellar~Housing Counselor Alfred "Dale" Glaspie~Maintenance Technician

SouthFair Board of Directors 
Marian Williams, Chair            Harry Robinson, Jr., 1st Vice Chair
Roy Andy, 2nd Vice Chair        Zaincorie Taylor-Smith, Treasurer
Lakisha Stark, Secretary  
Azu Agada  | Troy Alley III | Jamey Kirby |  Michael Krywucki | Marilynn Mayse 
Derrick Nutall  | Ruth O'Quinn | Eric Stark

Advisory Board: Hoshi Brooks | Lasharla Richardson | Karl Zavitkovsky

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