V2 is excited to announce the addition of four new clients to its roster of innovative disruptors.

Building Engines, the leading building operations platform for modern commercial real estate operations, helps owners and operators deliver an exceptional building experience for building occupants, while maximizing profitability and efficiency . V2 will help the brand articulate its vision and establish it as an innovator in the building experience category while also establishing its executives as thought leaders on issues pertaining to innovation in the real estate industry and improving work in the building operations category.

Plymouth Rock, the customer-first, data-driven home and auto insurance provider of choice for the Northeast, gives people peace of mind when protecting the most important assets in their lives. Plymouth Rock has enlisted V2’s help in raising awareness around its disruptive new home insurance product, @Home, as it brings the technology to the market.

Current Health, provides the leading, FDA-cleared, AI-powered patient management platform, which offers healthcare providers the real-time insights they need to make proactive and informed decisions about patient care. As the company seeks to bring its groundbreaking technology to more healthcare providers worldwide, V2 is charged with building Current Health’s brand profile in the U.S., introducing its vision and approach for better health care delivery and experiences and providing air cover for sales.

Masabi, a pioneer of the Fare Payments as a Service (FPaaS) category, empowers public transit agencies to quickly and cost-effectively bring the latest “tap and ride” technology to riders. Masabi is counting on V2 to create the FPaaS category, showcase the value of its approach via customer stories, data and thought leadership, and build its brand profile in the U.S.