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New Year...New Results?
January is typically a time in which we resolve to STOP doing things that don't work and START finding more effective ways to attract more business. Since January is historically the worst sales month for retailers, this month's tips will be focused on helping them get off to a better start.
Secrets of Major Retailers Revealed
On an ongoing basis, major corporations such as Walmart, McDonalds and Citibank continue to invest significant amounts of time and money in seemingly small changes in their signage systems that they know will generate sales.

At A-to-Z Signs, we actively study the tactics of major corporations and look to apply those techniques to help smaller businesses compete. Here's a few of their top tips.
Discover the 3 ways you can increase your sales (and profits)
It all boils down to this...Major retailers know there
are 3 ways (and only 3 ways) to increase sales:
  1. Attract new customers
  2. Increase the transaction value (upsell/cross-sell)
  3. Increase the frequency of transactions
They also know that effectively designed interior and exterior signage as well as point of sale posters and signs will do all three.
First Impressions Last (or create a "new" first impression)

Manufacturers of retail products and retail stores are constantly looking to create "new" first impressions. That's why there's often "new & improved" product packaging and/or retail store "reorganizing"... even though it's essentially the same (old) product.
WHY do they do it? Despite the fact that our parents told us to "never judge a book by its cover," consumers do it all the time. According to the Small Business Administration,  "people often judge a business by the looks of the sign... and that many merchants increase their business measurably just by changing or updating their sign."

Bottom line; If your signs are at least 3 years old, it is time to freshen-up your image and create a "new & improved" impression to kick-start sales.
Change is Good
Major retailers also know that many consumers are on "auto-pilot" mode. As a result, we no longer notice things that are familiar or unchanged...but we immediately notice something that's new or different. A classic example is Stew Leonard's in Norwalk. They're constantly updating their signage to subliminally get you to spend more on every visit and come back more often.
Draw renewed interest in your business with temporary signage such as banners, window graphics, A-Frames or feather flags.
An Offer to Help
At A-to-Z Signs, we'll use our 30+ years of marketing experience to help design a custom signage solution that;
  • Updates your image
  • Draws renewed interest to your business and attract new customers
  • Increase your sales
We'd like to see you get your year off to a fast start, so if you
mention this newsletter and stop in to our showroom in the month of January to place a new order, we'll take 10% off your order on all Banners, A-Frames, Yard Signs, window graphics and Feather Flags.
Help your friends: If you're not in a retail environment but know someone who is, to them. If they tell us they were referred by you, we'll make the same discount offer to them.


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