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February 2021 | Issue 1
Solutions Spotlight
Insurance Marketplace Continues to Harden
For 2021, the insurance market continues to harden with significantly higher pricing. After approximately 20 years of a soft, buyer-friendly insurance market, the past few years have seen a firming or hardening market—one that is less friendly to insurance buyers.

While the effects of this hardening insurance market on long term care will depend on a variety of factors, most facilities will see premium increases for their insurance coverage overall. In fact, most facilities may see double-digit rate increases at their renewal.
Turn Your Program Into a Profit Center
When most companies think about
cybersecurity, they’re considering things
like regulatory compliance, loss prevention,
and qualitative risk reduction – all valuable
facets of a well-rounded program. But with
the right strategies and implementation,
a well-managed cybersecurity program
has a major impact on driving revenue,
reputation, and company growth.

Companies of all sizes are exploring digital
technologies more than ever to build
better-connected audiences, increase
operational agility, and create web-based
ecosystems that offer new revenue
streams. With such a prevalence of digital
services and solutions, opportunities
to extract more value from your
cybersecurity program are ever-growing.
Help Your Employees Be Financially
Prepared for the Unexpected
Today’s workforce is complex, which makes voluntary benefits especially important. While auto and home insurance may not be top of mind for your benefits program, these coverages provide more options for your employees to improve their financial wellness.
Time to consider?

Just like medical, premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for auto and home insurance are going
up. From auto accidents to natural disasters, there has been an increase in the severity and
frequency of incidents. And without the right coverage, an accident or storm can be devastating
to your employees’ financial wellbeing. With MetLife Auto & Home®, you can give your employees
access to the protection they need to stay prepared for the unexpected. And the support they
need to get back on track.
Your Bottom Line is Our Business
As the end of the pandemic nears, so does the expiration of the Medicaid GIS that provides for “COVID approvals.” With this in mind, it’s important that skilled nursing facilities put systems, policies and procedures in place now that adequately address the likely deluge of both new institutional Medicaid applications and those applications previously approved under the current COVID regulations that at recertification, must be completed vis a vis the production of the 5 year look back. One such procedure that must be implemented is the meticulous calendaring of all Medicaid deadlines. With such stringent deadlines, a successful Medicaid Coordinator must keep a detailed calendar that closely monitors the issuing date and due date of all “pend or deferral letters” as well as when the facility’s correspondence to financial institutions must be sent in order prevail at a Fair Hearing, should the financial institution fail to produce the requested documentation within the Medicaid Program’s prescribed time frame. Additionally, the issuing date and deadline to request a Fair Hearing on all adverse notices from the Medicaid Program must also be fastidiously chronicled so as to preserve the facility’s right to appeal an erroneous denial.  
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Does Your Facility Struggle with Denied Medicaid Applications Resulting in Uncollectible Debt?
Studies show that a vast portion of Nursing Facility uncollectible debt nationwide is a result of inefficient Medicaid planning for residents who are in need of Medicaid for long term care - and subsequent denied Medicaid applications as a result. The solution to this problem is for Providers to have a healthy Medicaid planning structure in place to proactively mitigate risks and identify eligibility issues. This will ensure that providers have ample time to plan and strategize in advance, thus limiting surprises that arise after the application is submitted.
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Community Solar offers savings and the ability to support solar power and demonstrate commitment to renewable energy. Program requires no equipment installation on your roof or property and no up front costs. This is a program of long time LeadingAge New York Endorsed Vendor, EnergyNext.