A 2022 End of Year Wrap Up

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In 2022, COCCI took on a new task of bringing IBD awareness, the importance of clinical trial participation, and mental health support to Black and Brown college students. From Hampton University to Xavier University of Louisiana, we traveled to 4 schools and educated almost 300 students about IBD. If you're interested in learning more, visit our site.

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In Living COCCI Week

Crohn's and Colitis Awareness week may be over, but we'll forever advocate for IBD Patients year round. While there's more to do, let's stop and recap the efforts from our #InLivingCOCCI campaign -- like our segment on Good Morning America and our interview with Tyler James Williams.

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Bring on 2023!

COCCI's Health Unity & Equity (HUE) Center

In partnership with  MyCrohnsAndColitisTeam, COCCI launched the Health Unity & Equity (HUE) center! 

We're beyond ecstatic because these new online resources educate and empower BIPOC individuals living with IBD, digestive disorders, and associated chronic illnesses. This center opens the door to a better understanding of their symptoms and tools to more effectively talk with their doctors in an effort to accelerate diagnosis and treatment.

Click below to access the online resources of the HUE center!

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Let's Talk Abscesses and Fistula

What Is Crohn’s Perianal Disease?

The perianal area is the area of the body around the anus (the butthole) and the last part of the colon (the rectum). Crohn’s disease can affect the internal muscles, fat and/or skin around the anus, which is called perianal disease.

This can affect both men and women, displaying many symptoms and complications.

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Driving Public Policy Change With the Patient Voice

Through COCCI, you have heard about the insurance practice called step therapy or fail first and the movement to put patient protections on its use. A step therapy protocol requires a patient to try and fail an insurer’s preferred drug therapy before they can receive coverage for the medication recommended by their physician.1

Furthermore, patients may have to repeat this process if they switch insurance plans.1

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Let's welcome COCCI's New Staff

Tomiyo Williams

Manager, Community and Advocacy

Tomiyo has worked in the Business Development and Project Management space for more than 15 years. In addition, she is recognized locally as a Healthcare Advocacy Leader. By working closely with local legislators on healthcare-related policies, she played an integral role in the passing of Step Therapy Reform in the state of Georgia.

She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and when she isn’t spending time with her family, she can be found volunteering within the local children's hospital network or crafting.

Shevelle Montgomery

Manager, Progress and Partnerships

For the past 6 years, Shevelle has worked in the healthcare nonprofit industry. Shevelle’s background includes experience in fundraising, event planning, sponsorship outreach, and volunteer management. Her most recent role was Senior Manager, Fundraising and Development Events at The Myositis Association. 

As the Manager of Progress and Partnership at COCCI, her goal is to assist with the development programs, participate in special events to maximize engagement, and grow corporate partnerships.

Asyur Watson

Manager, Events

Asyur gained over 10 years of event registration and operation experience working at one of the largest global non-profit biotechnology trade associations in the world.

She looks forward to contributing to the fast-growing pace of COCCI’s educational and networking events with one major priority to implement more processes that COCCI can benefit from as a fairly new organization. She also prides herself in being ethical, providing outstanding customer service, and being a dependable team player.

In her free time, Asyur enjoys cooking with her son and creating many forms of art.

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