OSHA Training News Update
January 6, 2021
New Year! New Career!
Earn a Professional Safety Certificate
Take your career and your organization’s safety program to the next level by earning a Professional Safety certificate from the OSHA Training Institute Education Center. These certificate programs provide real-world information immediately applicable to the workplace, expanding your knowledge of occupational safety and health and allowing you to build on your safety expertise.

Individuals who participate in professional certification pathways:

  • Stay informed about changing regulations, guidance and regulatory interpretations
  • Learn to successfully communicate safety and health to employees and executives
  • Avoid costly citations by learning to stay compliant with OSHA regulations
  • Demonstrate proficiency and the ambition to enhance their career
  • Create a network of others who share similar insight and resolve
  • Continue to develop professionally in a growing and changing field

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center offers several levels of Professional Safety certificates, including:

This entry-level certificate program provides knowledge of safety fundamentals to those looking to advance their understanding and awareness of workplace safety, or to increase employment opportunities in construction or general industries.

The Safety Associate Certificate program provides a solid foundation in understanding OSHA regulatory standards and developing solutions to workplace safety challenges.

The Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate program is designed to expand and improve the practical skills of those responsible for employee health and safety at their workplace.

The Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) certificate program provides a clear and defined path for current safety professionals to achieve their career goals by earning a professional certificate with a concentration in Construction or General Industry safety.

The certificate program in Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals supports OSHA’s mission by training public sector employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers in state and local governments. 

Plan, Provide, Train: Three Basic Steps to Prevent Falls in Construction
Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths in construction. It is essential that employers set up jobsites to prevent employees from falling from overhead platforms, elevated workstations or into holes in the floor and walls.

Falls can be prevented and lives can be saved through three important and highly effective steps: Plan, Provide and Train.

PLAN ahead to get the job done safely.
Employers must plan projects that involve working from heights to ensure that the job is done safely by deciding how the job will be done, the tasks involved and the safety equipment that may be needed to complete each task.

PROVIDE the right equipment.
To protect workers who are six feet or more above lower levels, employers must provide fall protection and the right equipment for the job, including the right kinds of ladders, scaffolds and safety gear. If workers need personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) for roof work, employers should provide a harness for each worker who needs to tie off to an anchor and make sure the PFAS fits and is regularly inspected.

TRAIN everyone to use the equipment safely.
Every worker should be trained to recognize hazards and to properly set-up and safely use equipment required for his/her job. OSHA has provided numerous materials and resources to train workers on safe practices to avoid falls in construction.

Employers who design a thorough fall protection plan, provide the right equipment and train their workers on hazard awareness and the proper use of safety equipment will be well on their way to establishing a workplace that greatly reduces falling hazards, complies with OSHA standards and ultimately saves lives. 

Featured Classes
January 20-22, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
This 3-day course covers OSHA Fall Protection Standards and provides an overview of fall protection methods. Topics include the principles of fall protection, the components of fall arrest systems, the limitations of fall arrest equipment and OSHA fall protection policies. Students will participate in workshops demonstrating the inspection and use of fall protection equipment, residential construction fall protection, training requirements and developing a fall protection program. Class size is limited and open to participants located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam or American Samoa only. REGISTER HERE
January 22, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
February 26, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
March 26, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
The focus of this 1-day course is to identify, evaluate and prevent or control fall hazards at construction sites. The course focuses on falls to a lower level rather than falls to the same level resulting from slips and falls. The target audience is small construction employers, business owners, managers, employees and employee representatives who would like to obtain information about fall hazards found on construction worksites. Class size is limited and open to participants located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam or American Samoa only. REGISTER HERE
January 29, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
This 1-day course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the employer to develop and implement an energy control program, or lockout/tagout (LOTO), for workers' protection while performing servicing and maintenance activities on machines and equipment. Students learn how to detect hazardous conditions and implement energy control measures, written procedures, training for authorized and affected workers and periodic inspection of energy control procedures. Class size is limited and open to participants located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam or American Samoa only. REGISTER HERE

2021 Virtual Instructor-Led Training via Zoom
The following is a partial list of upcoming 2021 classes offered online in a live-video format via Zoom by the OSHA Training Institute Education Center:

  • January 13-14, 2021 2 HALF-DAYS
  • March 8-9, 2021 2 HALF-DAYS

  • January 19-22, 2021
  • March 1-4, 2021

Focused on AB 2799 Cannabis Industry Compliance
  • January 19-29, 2021 8 HALF-DAYS
  • February 16-26, 2021 8 HALF-DAYS
  • March 22-April 1, 2021 8 HALF-DAYS

  • January 20-22, 2021 Class filling up! Register today!

  • January 22, 2021
  • February 26, 2021
  • March 26, 2021

  • January 28, 2021
  • February 4-5, 2021 2 HALF-DAYS

  • January 29, 2021
IMPORTANT: The OSHA numbered live, online video-based classes via Zoom are only available to participants located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam or American Samoa.

No transfers or refunds can be honored fewer than 10 days prior to class.

For more information, contact us by email at otc@clpccd.org or call (866) 936-6742 (calls returned within 24 hours).
2021 In-Person Training
(Includes Hybrid of Zoom and In-Person)
The following is a partial list of upcoming 2021 in-person and hybrid classes offered by the OSHA Training Institute Education Center following strict safety and physical distancing guidelines. Please NOTE: Our in-person class schedule is subject to change based on future state or county orders to stay at home.

  • February 1-5, 2021 | Sacramento CA (Zoom/In-Person)

  • February 3-5, 2021 | Dublin CA (Zoom/In-Person) Almost Full!

  • February 10-12, 2021 | Sacramento CA

  • March 20-28, 2021 | Dublin CA WEEKENDS

  • March 29-April 1, 2021

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center’s new Catalog is now available to download or request a copy by mail.

The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District offers high quality OSHA standards-based training for construction, maritime and general industries at our San Francisco Bay Area (Dublin) location as well as other locations in Northern, Central and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Guam and American Samoa.
We are offering in-person OSHA courses on a limited basis following physical distancing and other strict safety guidelines. Class size is reduced to prevent exposure to COVID-19, so early registration is strongly advised. We are also offering live, online video-based OSHA courses. Visit our website for updated class information.
Our offices are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we are available to respond to inquiries by email at otc@clpccd.org or phone at (866) 936-OSHA (6742) (phone inquiries will be answered within 24 hours).