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From the Helm Introducing the first Yapese Dive Instructor, OP Acker!
December 2016

Congratulations to OP Acker at becoming the FIRST Yapese dive instructor!

Come see us at the BOOT show, 2017!

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  • 30th Anniversary
  • OP Acker becomes the first Yapese dive instructor
  • Come see us at BOOT!
  • 2017 Special Events
  • Yap Immersion with Ken Kurtis
  • Parting Shot...
  • Help Bill, help Yap outer islands!

  • OP Acker becomes the first Yapese dive instructor
    Christian Redl and Bill Acker at DEMA

    First Yapese Dive Instructor

    Congratulations to OP Acker on becomming a PADI pro and the first Yapese dive instructor.

    Come see us at BOOT!

    Visit us at BOOT booth Halle 3 / E62

    Stop by our booth and check out our new programs and special events for 2017!

    Our Swiss friends can visit us at FESPO in Z├╝rich between January 26-29. Daniel and Ruud can be found in the booth of WeDive Travel (Halle 6 / 6.075).

    2017 Special Events

    It's always a good time to be here!

    Check out our special events and packages page that boast our new Family Sea-Life Adventures and Marine Biology Weeks events - as well as our annual Manta Mania and MantaFest programs.

    We are growing more reasons to come back to Yap with special packages and new programs for all-ages!

    Yap Immersion with Ken Kurtis

    Join Ken Kurtis in Yap this July!

    The general thought is that it's a 13-day trip with 10 days of diving in Yap. We call it "Yap Immersion" because we really want to immerse you in everything that makes Yap such a special place to dive and to visit. On the diving end, we will do up to 24 dives that will include manta dives at the cleaning stations, a shark feed, a Mandarinfish dive, macro dives, reef dives, and wall dives. We will also include a Manta ID program (you'll get a PADI specialty card) which will teach you the ins and outs of manta identification. We'll build on that with what I'm calling "The Manta Project" which is simply that we will track with photos all of the different mantas we see over the course of our time there.

    Parting Shot...

    Please hold any e-mails until further notice as I am in the hospital. I was attacked by a woman in an elevator. I was in the elevator when she got in. I was casually starring at her boobs when she said, "Could you press one for me please"? So I did... and I don't remember much afterwards, but I'm guessing I pressed the wrong one!

    Help Bill, help Yap outer islands!

    Standing United with Ulithi

    The people of Ulithi have felt the brunt of climate changes that they are probably the least guilty of causing. Over the Christmas holiday, a waterspout turned tornado wrecked havoc on the island of Falalop, ripping apart homes.

    We hope to raise US $ 20,000 to help the island of Falalop recover from the disaster.

    100% of proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly towards purchasing building materials, like roof sheeting, nails, hurricane strapping, and concrete to repair foundations, as well as agricultural products and tools requested by the community, and shipping to get them from the mainland to families in need.

    30th Anniversary

    Save through 2017!!

    Cash in on savings throughout 2017 - we are offering 30% more of Yap, for FREE, to individuals and groups in honor of our 30 years in business.

    The Deal:

    Any 7 night (or longer) dive package gets 3 free room nights. This means that you get 10 nights for the price of 7 and 20 for the price of 14, etc.

    People are cashing in on this deal and getting exceptional value out of their vacation dollars. Two-week packages get 6 nights free - stay three weeks for the price of two!

    Group leaders get 3 free spots with groups of 10 paying divers.

    There are no blackout dates and this offer can be combined with any dive package in 2016 & 2017 with the exception of Yap Day weeks.

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