Your 2021 field season is right around the corner.
Is your equipment field-season ready?

  • Do you have all of the desiccants & consumables required for your upcoming field season?
  • Have you inspected your leaf gaskets, filters & o-rings?
  • Have you checked your pump(s) & flow rates?
  • How about your battery packs?
  • Interested in a calibration check for your IRGA & sensors?
How do I know what supplies are needed? How do I inspect my equipment?

Great questions! You can find a list of consumables and maintenance suggestions right in your instrument's operation manual.

Not sure where your manual is? Registered users can find all operation manuals (for old & new instruments) in the PP Systems Registered User Resource Center.
Do you need service or recalibration?
Our Technical Service and Support Team is ready to assist you!

Simply follow the instructions on our Service & Support page.

Be sure to get your equipment in for service soon to ensure you are ready for your upcoming field season.
Here's to great field research in 2021!
What Conferences Do You Attend? We're always looking for conferences that benefit our researchers. Let us know and we may see you there!
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