Bow Valley Good Food Box
January 2022
🍊 3 CaraCara oranges*, 3 local red delicious apples, 3 local anjou pears, 3lb bag of AB potatoes, 2lb bag of carrots, 2lb bag of local yellow onions, local red pepper, 1 zucchini*, 2 local beefsteak tomatoes, 1 jumbo local beet, 1 broccoli, 1 long cucumber, & iceberg lettuce 🥬
Food costs & local thoughts
You may have heard that food prices are going to be increasing in 2022…and maybe you haven’t just heard about it, but you’ve seen it yourself at the grocery store. According to the 2022 Canada Food Price Report, it’s expected that food costs will go up 5-7% this year. Ugh.

Why does this happen? Well, if at the farm, the temperatures are colder than normal, the growing / harvesting season is affected; labour shortages are happening (at every stage of the game), winter driving conditions affect transport of food to us in the north and many people are having to isolate due to omicron. Any glitch in the food chain will impact everyone.

We are grateful to Organic Box for working hard to select items that are both cost effective and closer to home to minimize the links in the food chain, which in the long term will be better for everyone. 

You may have noticed that some of your produce was listed as local. While not guaranteed, our friends at Organic Box do their best to get us products closer to home. At this time of year, things marked ‘local’ are likely coming from items grown in AB last fall, from greenhouses nearby or from BC where quite a bit of food is still being grown in January…who knew!? Click the image below to learn more about BC's January!
Let's have some fun with our veggies....
bits & bites
If storing produce to last is not your forte, fear not!
Click on the photo below for some handy storage tips for JANUARY's selection 😀
For anyone who forgot to pick up their box, please appreciate that your purchase was donated to community members experiencing food insecurity 💚
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In Case You Missed It
Not only can you now pay with PayPal (super convenient for those without a VISA-Debit), but there is an easy way to donate a box! Please use this method to make future donations to ensure that the box will be distributed by our team to someone in need.

We offer the 25$ subsidized pricing to anyone who is lower income or has been affected by COVID-19 (income, health, etc). No proof of income required.

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