Rescue Ranger
January 2020
We raised over $20,000 during our holiday fundraisers, including online and mail-in donations. We can't thank our generous volunteers and supporters enough! This will go a long way to rescuing more dogs in 2020.
We rescued an amazing 197 dogs in 2019! Here's a look at some statistics about our rescues from this past year:

  •  97 - purebred goldens
  •  86 - mixes
  •  14 - purebreds of other breeds

Only 14% of these dogs were heart worm positive. 
This is a lovely reduction from only a few years ago! 

Our dogs come from more and more places:
  •  41% - Shelters
  •  30% - Owner surrender
  •  17% - International
  •  12% - Born in program, strays, transfers from other rescues or vets 

  • February 23rd - Wine & Design Pet Portraits - Cary. See below for details and to register.
  • April 17-19th - Southern Women's Show Fido Fashion Show - North Carolina State Fairgrounds
  • April 18th - Golden Gala - Embassy Suites, Brier Creek
  • May 1oth - Spring Swim - Montague Lake
  • July 25th - Summer Swim - Montague Lake
  • August 29th - Golden on the Green - River Ridge Country Club
  • October 25th - Rescue Reunion - Montague Lake
Wine and Design Pet Portraits
Discover your inner artist. Join us at Wine & Design - Cary Studio, on February 23rd from 2 to 4:30 pm to paint a portrait of your pet with us. Twenty five percent of the proceeds will be donated to NRGRR!

 Click here  for a flyer with more information and instructions to complete registration and submit your pet photo(s). 
2019 Statistics
through December

197 Dogs Rescued

45 Dogs in Rehab

196 Dogs Adopted
Congratulations to these dogs finding their furever home in December.

  • Aspen 19
  • Sonny 19
  • Chestnut 19
  • Shandy 19
  • Gomez Addams 19
  • Old Tuffy 19
  • Chutney 19
  • China Blu 19
  • Biscuit 19
  • Apple 19
  • Garland 19
  • Packer 19
  • Bruno 19
  • Voodoo Ranger 19
  • Jade 19
  • Autumn 19
  • Shane 19
It Takes A Village
The rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of dogs truly “takes a village.” Some dogs get adopted quickly while some take a little longer, sometimes a lot longer. Thus, is the story of Packer and Da Vinci.
In October 2018, a broken, scared brown dog became part of the NRGRR family. After several fosters and some time with one of our trainers, Ryan Walker, Packer grew into a secure, happy dog ready for adoption. Finally, on December 19, 2019, Packer was adopted. Truly a day of celebration for all and a great way to close out the year!
It took a village and a lot of patience to teach this boy he could trust people. Packer quickly bonded with his new family because of the love, kindness, and caring efforts from the NRGRR village.
Da Vinci
And then there is Da Vinci...another Neuse River dog who has been in program for over a year. He needed some time to help him develop social skills and to clear up some skin issues which caused significant fur loss. He has always been a happy, friendly boy, but he did not know how to connect well. Now he is reported to be a “love bug.” Thanks to his foster and trainer, Dawn Clement, and numerous other NRGRR volunteers, Da Vinci is ready to find his forever home.

Will you be part of his journey? Help us find a home for Da Vinci, a very deserving boy who has come so far! He is a senior dog with a wobbly walk but that does not seem to slow him down one bit. Please share with anyone you know who would provide a loving home for Da Vinci.

If interested in Da Vinci, please see our Adoption Info page and complete an application. If you are an approved applicant, please speak to your Applications Advisor. If you have any questions, please reach out to Julie Rigby, our Operations Manager.
Click on the video to see Da Vinci at a recent Meet and Greet.
If you are reading this newsletter, then you probably have a heart to rescue. Well, so does eight-year-old Addison. In December, Addison participated in an “entrepreneurial” vendor fair in her neighborhood, which she and her mother have done for the past 4 years. This year she chose to donate the money she raised to NRGRR.  
Addison sold hot chocolate and toppings at the vendor fair in Morrisville and made hot chocolate gift jars which sold for $3.00 each. The Morrisville Police Chief attended their event and requested Addison make gift jars for all 42 officers and staff at the Morrisville Police Department!
At the first Meet and Greet of 2020, Addison and her mother Leigh, presented a check to NRGRR for $300.oo.   
Addison presenting check
We SO appreciate Addison’s efforts to raise money to help us rescue more dogs. She took a small idea and made a BIG difference. You, too, can help raise money for NRGRR so we can rescue even more dogs in 2020. Here are a few ways for you to make a difference like Addison.

  • Start a birthday fundraiser on Facebook.
  • When you purchase online from Amazon, direct a portion of your purchase price to NRGRR using AmazonSmile.
  • Hold your own “entrepreneurial” vendor fair in your neighborhood or school and donate part of your proceeds to NRGRR.
  • Get your children or grandchildren involved; ask them to come up with ideas to raise money to rescue dogs.
  • Organize a neighborhood dog wash (preferably in warmer weather).
  • Submit a photo for the 2021 NRGRR Calendar contest and ask your friends and family to vote for your dog (coming in June 2020...but you can start taking photos now so you will have that perfect picture to submit! See the rules from last year for contest guidelines. Photos must be horizontal!)
  •  Ask businesses you frequent to donate a product or service that can be part of one of the NRGRR auction events such as the Golden Gala.
  • When you make a donation to NRGRR, ask your company to match your donation. See the Employee Match section of our Support NRGRR page.
  • Forward emails to your family, friends, and neighbors from NRGRR that support our fundraising efforts. Invite them to participate.
  • If you are not looking to accumulate more “stuff” in your house, ask your family and friends to make a donation to NRGRR in lieu of a gift for your birthday or for any special occasion. The donation can be given in your honor.
  • Name a dog in honor or memory of someone through our Golden Guardian program.
We would love to hear from you. What ideas do you have to help us raise money to support our rescue efforts? You can share your ideas by reaching out to Kerry Ahrend . And of course we would love for you to take action and help us implement some of these ideas!
A Christmas Miracle
On December 23 rd , six puppies were found in a barn, laying on straw, cold and alone because their mother had been hit by a car. The couple who spotted the mother dog on the side of the road noticed she must have been nursing and so they set out to find the puppies. Not far away in a barn, they found six very hungry newborn pups.
Neither of the people who found the puppies had ever even owned a dog. Still they reached out to find help and someone contacted our very own Mary Ann Williams, who supports NRGRR and several other rescues in the area. Mary Ann told them how to make milk for the puppies and the couple stayed up all night feeding them until they could be delivered the next morning to a shelter, with volunteers to care for the puppies.

Five of the six puppies survived the night and are alive today because of the kindness of these good Samaritans. They are now with another rescue group being cared for until they are ready for adoption. Once again, a shining example of how it "It Takes a Village."
New Store Items!

These stylish vests are black with the gold NRGRR logo.

Enjoy your favorite hot beverage in this 14 oz. sleek, matte, cork based mug.

All natural soy wax candle with phthalate free fragrance oils.
We are always looking for new ideas for store items. If there are any items you would like us to carry, email our store manager, Nikki D'Ambrose , and we will see if it's feasible for us to provide it to you.
And Why Do You Foster?
Fostering is the lifeblood of any rescue. You simply cannot run a rescue and save lives without fosters. I’m sure we have all heard reasons why people don’t foster like “I’m too afraid to foster, I would want to adopt them all.” We’ve heard all the reasons why people don’t foster so let’s focus on the reasons why people DO foster and the benefits of fostering.
Yes, there are tremendous benefits to fostering! For example, did you know you meet some of the most amazing people when you foster? How many of you are now friends with people who have adopted your fosters in the past? Personally, several of my very good friends are people I met when they adopted one of my dogs. Fostering saves lives and it also enriches our lives through the relationships we cultivate as a result of fostering an animal in need.
If you are interested in becoming an NRGRR foster, check the steps to foster flyer and application link below.
We’d love to hear from our current fosters, why do you foster? To share the benefits you have derived from fostering and what motivates you to foster, send your responses to Kerry Ahrend .
Volunteer Spotlight
Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue is blessed with so many wonderful volunteers who give of their time and talents to support our rescue efforts including fostering, fundraising, transporting, communicating, marketing, and sharing NRGRR’s mission and message with others in the community. With that in mind, we want to highlight some of the teams and their roles that make NRGRR the great organization it is.
To begin this series, we will start by introducing you to some of the teams who help pull things together. Hopefully, this will serve as an introduction to the structure of NRGRR and where you might get involved and share your time and talents. We will be spotlighting the various teams and volunteers throughout the year.

Transportation Team
Offers dogs their "freedom ride" from shelters and other locations and transports to our vet partners. This begins their journey as a NRGRR dog.

International Rescue Team
Transports and coordinates the arrival of goldens from overseas.

Foster Team
Fosters provide the necessary love and care, help evaluate the dog, and help find the best furever home. This is the team that makes rescue happen; we can't bring in dogs if fosters are not available!

Dog Coordinators Team
Each and every dog that comes into the rescue is assigned a dog coordinator who manages the dogs' medical care and placement throughout their time with NRGRR.

Dog Behavioral Team
Dog savvy individuals with expertise in addressing behavioral issues of any NRGRR dogs while in program (including while in foster care).

Application Advisor Team
Reviews applications submitted online, conducts vet reference checks and home visits, and approves applications for adoption.

Communications Team
Coordinates all communication and marketing needs and expectations for NRGRR including the web page, social media, and the monthly newsletter The Rescue Ranger .

Community Outreach Team
Conducts outreach to shelters, other rescues, local businesses and corporate entities to form collaborative partnerships.

Resource Development Team
Sets goals and seeks opportunities for growth and development of the rescue, including both financial means and through volunteerism. Plans and executes all major fundraising and community events.

Event Team
Staffs events including major fundraising events, dog swims, and other activities that NRGRR participates in throughout the year.

Board of Directors
Provides overall vision and leadership for NRGRR.

If any of these teams sound like something you would be interested in getting involved with, please visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about how you can help NRGRR and fill out an application. If you have any questions about NRGRR volunteer opportunities and would like to speak to someone before completing the Volunteer Application, please contact us at .

It takes a village, and we would love to tap into your experience, expertise, and energy.
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