Did you see the WaPo article about how DC is becoming a protest battleground? No doubt protests and politics are wild these days. Thankfully, we can best cope and fight for what we believe in if we stay on top of our self care practices. That's why we offer free meditation classes everyday and over 100 yoga classes a week.

Our classes are live because we want to breathe with you in realtime - we want you to feel connected to others who, like you, are fighting for their peace, sanity, and wellness everyday. So whether you're joining class from DC or across the sea, thanks for practicing with us and fighting the good fight. We got this, together.

With great peace and much love,

p.s. - if you missed our 6 for $36 deal last week and want it, just email us so we can help.
Some of us just jumped into yoga and meditation without learning about their foundations, but that can make things harder for us in the long run. Whether that sounds like your situation, or whether you're totally new to these practices, you have a unique opportunity to learn / re-learn foundations of yoga and meditation with Carly and Liz next Wednesday. All workshop participants will also get one free class pass so you can try out your new skills after the workshop.
On January 10th, expert Ashtanga yogis Brendan and Paige will lead you through a personalized step-by-step introduction to Ashtanga yoga and its incredible benefits. Then on January 23rd they'll break down challenging jumps and fun transitions often featured in Ashtanga and other yoga traditions. Not to be missed! All experience levels are welcome.
Here's Something to Celebrate
Much love to all the Yoga District students who identify as Black people of color! In an effort to celebrate your presence here and Black History Month in February, I'd love to learn about your yoga journey and what BHM means to you -- so if you identify as a Black person of color and are interested in having an interview featured in our newsletter and on our site, please reach out.
We're so grateful to have you as part of the YD community, and just as excited to join you in celebrating the new year. Stay strong and safe!

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