We hope you had a great Holiday Season!

The next time you login to our site, you'll see the all new GlitterUnique.com!
As GU has grown and changed, our needs in technology has changed too. To accommodate this, we've updated our website. We're sure you'll find the new site to be much more user friendly and easier to shop!

Some important things to note:
  1. Although your account data is still intact, you will need to reset your password on your first login.
  2. Glitter Unique Rewards has been discontinued. Any reward points on your account have been redeemed for store credit and can be used on future orders.
  3. If you have a Gift Certificate (this could be a gift from someone, or a code from Black Friday) you will redeem this as a coupon code.
  4. We're working on a new loyalty/reward program - Coming Soon!

Please let us know your feedback when interacting with the site. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thank you!

Nikki & the Glitter Unique team
Glitter Unique, LLC | www.GlitterUnique.com