New Year, New Goals: MCH Announces New Compassion Center and Church Partnerships
Psstttt! We have some exciting news!

As 2023 gets rolling, Mission Centers of Houston is leveraging 60 years of experience in compassion-related mission work to expand our reach far beyond the two inner city centers we now operate at Gano and Joy. "I am excited to announce the creation of a new division of MCH that we are calling The Compassion Center (TCC)," shares Executive Director Jeff Chadwick.

"Using a hub and spoke model with our Compassion Center organization in the middle, we are creating a bigger ministry network with interested church partners to reach more vulnerable communities with physical goods, services and training to meet the needs of residents." According to Jeff, "God has already provided 10,000-sq-ft of warehouse space and several retail partners who are stocking our spaces with food, clothing, household goods and other necessities. We will distribute as needed to partner churches and missionaries to make a lasting impact for positive change within their communities."

To learn more about the reasoning, strategy and opportunities with The Compassion Center (TCC), check out our new webpage HERE.

TCC Mission: Equipping local churches in Houston's most vulnerable communities with the resources and training needed to achieve positive, sustainable change in the name of Jesus
A Gem of a Gym: Spotlight
Lives are impacted at all hours of the day at the Joy Center, and even into the night when Missionary Noe Ortiz (in photo) gets to spend quality time with other basketball aficianados. "This is an evening where everyone can spend active time together, and leave feeling refreshed physically and spiritually," Noe shares.
In recent years, Joy's Open Gym basketball ministry has involved over 250 hoopers who are artists, engineers or students by day and young basketball junkies on Thursday nights. This group has brought strangers together from as far as Missouri City to Atascocita, and has made them a basketball family. Many of the guys are from the immediate area and some even attended Joy's mission activities as kids. Noe says, "Thursday night has become 'church' to some partcipants, since the evening often includes prayer time and a devotion from the Gospel of John. The group of guys that enjoy playing ball in an uplifting atmosphere of competitive, yet brotherly love seems to grow by the week."

Adds Noe, "Thursdays have become a night of family fellowship as we play the sport we love, watch the sport on Tv in the gym, and sharpen one another’s skills on and off the court. All we need now is someone to grill every week and our guys will never leave! It’s become a hidden gym (gem) in Magnolia Park and a hoopers paradise!"

How local churches can get involved:
One way to support this ministry is by simply sending guys to hoop. Another idea: supply the need of the official Joy Gym game ball: the Wilson Evolution indoor basketball (approx $80).
Mark your calendars: February 17 and May 8
February and May will be here before ya know it, so get these annual fun(d)raising events on your calendar now that we are officially into 2023.

Dust off your cowboy hat and consider sponsoring a table and 'lassoing' a group of friends to join you at the February 17 Barbecue, Boots & Boogie featuring live music with Western Bling and KSBJ superstar Reyna Reyna as our emcee. You'll enjoy a great night of slow-cooked BBQ, fun, dancing, fellowship and a silent auction. Rumor has it, there are four field level Astros tickets for grabs, along with hand-painted one-of-a-kind items and weekend getaways.

A sponsorship is an extra great way to support this event: sponsorship packages here. Attendee Brad Witty says, "I've hosted a table of friends enjoying good food, music and fellowship at this awesome event for several years. All that, plus the bonus of contributing to a very worthwhile organization by attending, participating in the silent auction and buying raffle tickets." The Wittys experienced an extra blessing by winning a free trip at last year's event!

Call us (713-227-0304) to donate an item, vacation rental or service for our silent auction. Use this link to buy tickets or sponsor a table.

Heads Up Golfers!
It is not too early to put a team together or make a sponsorship commitment for the annual Golf Classic on May 8, because this year we are expanding to two courses!

Check out this attention-grabbing mural design
A few months ago the Joy Mission Center looked like just another white metal building on Avenue F. But thanks to building improvement funds from Houston's Second Baptist Church and the talents of muralist Jake Messa, this place of ministry has a whole new colorful look. Center Directors Vanessa and Noe Ortiz have noticed people using it as a backdrop for their family photos, and cars stopping for snapshots throughout the day. Jake was excited to complete this work of art "to capture the culture and show the hands of Joy are far reaching" and the multi-faceted mural is doing just that. "Themes including helping hands, Houston's space legacy and a mission market wall are bringing positive attention and increasing awareness of our Center," adds Vanessa.
MCH Toys blessed children in El Salvador, Mexico and inner city Houston
Besides the Christmas Store ministry and distribution through our local kids and youth clubs, MCH was able to provide additional blessings through our new Compassion Center. Juan Lambarria, Missions Pastor of The Woodlands First, received over 50 toys that were, in turn, transported to the pastors of several churches in Mexico. In addition, numerous churches in impoverished areas received over 100 toys from The Compassion Center to share with families needing help to bless their children at Christmas.

Sandra Gomez, former director of the Joy Ministry Center, shared toys from Joy this Christmas to meet a need in El Salvador. Current director Vanessa Ortiz shares, "Our toys blessed 29 families, many of whom had to walk two hours to reach the area where the toys were distributed through a ministry led by Sandra's aunt."
2023 Staff Updates
Administrative Assistant Laura Fernandez

After volunteering at MCH since 2019 through the Volunteer and Service Provider VISTA, Laura will soon move into the full-time role of Administrative Assistant.

All who know Laura see that MCH is her "happy place" as she assists with all ministries as needed. As the Administrative Assistant she will handle database and organizational logistics, along with ministry and clerical support.

Laura receives great blessings by encouraging others through the MCH food pantry, homeless ministry and age-related programs that share the love of Christ with all who attend. "We are excited to have Laura around even more and use her many skills to help us in all we do for the Lord," adds Executive Director Jeff Chadwick.
Director of Outreach Ministries David Cripps

The Lord works in amazing ways. In 2020, David Cripps and his family moved into the Near Northside to start New Life Baptist Church. Through the ministry, David and his wife, Adrianna, became connected with Mission Centers of Houston. They began serving through various ministries and have grown to love Mission Center’s vision for sharing the love of Jesus through meeting the physical needs of the community. In January of 2023, David joined the team in a part-time role as the Director of Outreach Ministries and is excited about this opportunity to help advance the message of the Gospel through MCH."David is excited to help us meet more needs through the new Compassion Center," shares Executive Director Jeff Chadwick. David and Adrianna have been married for eight years and have four beautiful children: Julianne, Brookelyn, Whitten, and Gabrielle.
Thank you for your support and encouragement as we continue to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in Houston's inner city with the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.