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D E A R   B I R M I N G H A M , 
2013 was a year of change in the Birmingham City Schools and at the Ed Foundation. The city saw the inauguration of a host of new Board of Education members, who were proud to take up the charge given to them by a Birmingham-City fifth grader when he said: "We're counting on you for your leadership.  We're counting on you to be our role models." At Ed, we continue to recover from the loss of our founding Executive Director, Dr. Mike Froning, but are thrilled to see that his work lives on in the many accomplishments we had in the last months of 2013. 
The year came to a close after a line of consistent successes: over 300 BCS students attended a full day tour at Miles College and UAB as part of College 101, students at four Career Academies received weekly ACT Prep from UAB University Honors students as part of the College Prep Institute, and nearly 100 parents came out in November for the first annual ParentFest, an event that brought together a multitude of community partners - ranging from Better Basics and Lawson State Community College to Exchange Club Family Skills Center and Jefferson DHR. 
If the last few months are any indication, 2014 is going to be a great year.  As evidenced by the extreme circumstances of the last several days, Birmingham continues to benefit from so many talented and ambitious teachers who dedicate their lives to those of our students, a truly remarkable benevolence that is illustrated by the compassion they showed to children stranded in schools across the city last week.  Words cannot express how lucky we feel to be a part of a community that goes out of its way to help those in need.
For our part, we promise to keep our focus on making sure our community is heard, that our district has the support it needs to ensure first-rate educational opportunities for our students, and that you hear all about it. That's why we're introducing a brand-new website and newsletter, designed to deliver compelling content in the ways that makes the most sense: in true-to-life pictures and video.  Because you want to hear your news straight from the source.  Because a picture says a thousand words.  Because it really is all about the students.  
So check out the teasers below, click the links to the longer blog posts, and read more about the stories that you want to hear.   
S I N C E R E L Y ,

Because it really is all about the students and because they really do have a lot to say.  

This month, Woodlawn Academy of Business and Finance student Michaelca Miles talks to us about her participation in the Academy Service Day in December.  The event, which brought over 130 BCS students to six local non-profits, including the YWCA's Toys for Tots site, is part of Ed's College Prep Institute.  Watch the video for this exciting inaugural Student Voice segment.   
Because we are nothing without the combined efforts of some really great citizens of Birmingham.
This month, we highlight Martin Nalls, long-time educator and President of College Admissions Made Possible (CAMP), a local organization that provides college access workshops, seminars, and activities for Birmingham-area students.  Learn more about Martin and his team at CAMP and the Ed initiatives that they have supported over the years in this month's Partnership Feature.
Because we have so many talented and dedicated people in Birmingham City Schools. 

For our January issue, we spoke with Terrica McMillan, Health Sciences teacher at Jackson-Olin High School and member of the Academy design team.  Ms. McMillan talks to us about the ways she is engaging students in  and outside of her classroom and how important it is to expose high schoolers to real-world career experiences.  Read the full interview in our monthly Educator Spotlight.
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S
We love being out around town and inside our schools.  Here is a list of some of the places where you can find us this month: 

February 6, 13, 20 & 27: College Prep Institute at Woodlawn and Wenonah
February 5: Bridging the Gap orientation with Alabama Power at Carver 
February 6: Huffman PALS at UAB/Lawson
February 12: Bridging the Gap at UAB Hospital with Jackson-Olin and Carver
February 15: Mini-Clinic: Health & Wellness at Jackson-Olin
February 25-28: FAFSA Workshops, all BCS high schools

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The mission of the Birmingham Education Foundation is to bring the voice of the community to Birmingham City Schools' leadership and to work with that leadership to provide a range of support to allow the system to fulfill its mission and vision. We do this with a vision that the children of Birmingham will be fully prepared for success in the work and life. We believe unequivocally that current circumstances should not be a barrier to future success.

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