After 35 Years of "Achieving" As  
Citizens Development Center,  
We Announce The Fresh, New Look of CDC!

With the New Year comes change, reflection, and resolution to GROW.  As part of that change, Citizens Development Center has decided to change our name and our Tag Line to
Achieve: A Place To Grow These past few years have been a constant, steady stream of adaptation, expansion, and growth for CDC/Achieve.  We have exceeded our goals, broke records, and set a new bar for how far our reach really extends.  To follow in those footsteps, our Board of Directors have decided to re-brand and put a new face to our purpose, one that highlights the true vision of Achieve.  In the coming weeks, you can expect a full letter to be mailed to you to explain all the details of the change.  We are excited to take this step forward with all of you and continue to meet and exceed any needs you may have.
"Achieving" The Veritiv Quality! 

We are proud to have the opportunity to present Veritiv, the newest Achieve customer, with the highest level of customer service!  Quality customer service is something our "Achievers" are accustomed to delivering and Veritiv is the perfect company to join hands with and provide hard work for our willing and up-to-task clients.  Veritiv comes to Achieve with needs including box assembly, product storage, and on-demand service.  Our warehouse staff is always on standby, ready for the call for need and prepared to provide a quick and valuable turn around. Thank You to Veritiv for providing steady, reliable work for our eager "Achievers"!

The Spotlight is on Jarion Harris,
Veritiv "Achiever"!

Jarion is one of our "achievers" who has been working on the Veritiv project.  He's been working here at Achieve for almost 2 years and has proven to be a valuable asset to our workcenter.  Jarion is a very dependable and positive person.  He loves completing tasks and being challenged in the workplace.  With his experience and skill, he demonstrates what it is to provide the caliber of work we produce.  When asked how he likes working at Achieve he has said, "I enjoy coming to work with my friends.  I have a good supervisor and I like my manager."  When speaking of Veritiv he says, "Working on boxes is my favorite thing to do".
What Achieve Can Offer Your Business   

To learn more about our services and capabilities or to get a quote, contact Tim Allen by phone at (214) 637- 2911 ext. 1100 or email him at

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