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I’m jumping up and down, giddy with excitement because you’re reading my new and improved newsletter! It has been a minute since I’ve sent this baby out, but good reason, keep reading if you want to know more...

Last year, I spent several months putting togethe r what I’m calling The New Mental Health Care Model . It’s quite a bold assertion to tell you that what I have in store is a whole NEW model to care for your own mental and emotional well-being. Outside of literally every other program that you may have tried, I consider the principles you’re going to learn to be the very foundation of how to get healthy and stay healthy

Each monthly newsletter this year is going to be chock full of some great research-based information, stories of success and more that I can’t wait to share!

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The New Mental Health Care Model  
You may have noticed that depression and anxiety have been on the rise for a very long time and many of us have been searching for alternative practices to heal our minds and bodies. Thankfully, eyes are opening, and we’re finally starting to understand the mind-body connection to mental health and wellness. 

As the saying goes...there are many ways to skin a cat. (who came up with that, anyway? 🤣) For instance, in the world of mental health treatment, there are many paths to feeling better, but truly, very few that lead to long-lasting wellness. There are many band-aids, tricks, hints, and shortcuts - all very popular too; but to get well and stay well , I’ve identified just 8 things that every person needs to feel, think and do to achieve mental and emotional health in a much more productive way. 

Look, I’m going to be blunt here. I’m interested in you feeling, thinking and acting better every single day. I’m invested in teaching you how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and live a longer, more satisfying life that you are happy to be in. 

Below are the eight principles of the new model in a tiny little nutshell:
Seems doable, right? Because they absolutely are doable! 

By diving in and immersing yourself in the basics of each one of these principles, little by little you’re going to build some amazing new habits and feel like a brand new person. 

Don’t worry, I’ll be giving you loooooooots of information about each one of these, dedicating an issue to each principle in the upcoming months. PLUS , I’ll give giving you a FREE DOWNLOAD with these so you can carry them with you!

These principles are simple, trustworthy, and powerful. They pack a big punch, so YOU can pack a big punch! 
Stories of Success
When clients come to me, many of them start their journey in a much more difficult place than where they land, and where they land is what I call “maintenance.” In maintenance-mode, clients are being held accountable for the principles they’ve been taught in The New Mental Health Care Model . Take Jeff, for example. 

Jeff came to me several years ago because of his anger problem. With a horrible breakup under his belt and after spending the next six months depressed, anxious and feeling rejected and alone, He came to me to find the answers. But through our work together, he learned that his anger was the loneliness that he’d carried from childhood. He was a single child of parents who took more pride in their job than they did in their family, so it was rare that Jeff had the physical or emotional connection that children need from their parents. He had learned to be independent but to a fault. He didn't learn to lean on anyone, or even take care of himself emotionally and physically. 

After teaching Jeff about his anger, and how it was just a deep feeling of sadness and loneliness, he was able to take a step back and give himself permission to open up to new ideas about journaling, meditation, and even audio self-help books. He added in exercise, starting tracking his food, and realized the importance of connecting to his supportive tribe. 

Now, Jeff continues to soar even higher in his career, in his home life, and his social life because he takes every single mental health strategy seriously. They aren’t hard tasks, but they do involve a commitment to the process.  

One of the resources help Jeff stay on track with is goals and new vision, he used one of the best planners I’ve ever come across! Below are some resources I recommend for 2020 as you begin to learn about The New Mental Health Model and take extra care of your mental and emotional health.

What the Research Says
Don’t take just my word for it...
Research is abundant for each one of these principles, and I’ll be giving you loads and loads of extra resources to set you on the right path with each one each month. 

Also, I want you to feel supported every step of the way. I encourage you to join my Facebook Group as well as follow my Facebook Page . In both of these places, you’ll see me post information to help guide you through The New Mental Health Care Model. 
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