January 31, 2017


Daily Laboratories, Division of Mobilab, Inc. is a private ISO-certified laboratory serving diverse industries including food, dairy, meat, produce, water, cosmetic, plastic and paper companies.  We can test products and environmental samples.

The laboratory was established in 1960 as a raw milk testing laboratory. We are a woman-owned business and have expanded to provide microbiological services for other industries. We are also capable of testing for the presence of pesticides residue and allergens in environmental samples.  


What does "Sell by", "Use by" and "Best By" mean, anyway?
Learn how to save yourself hundreds of dollars

"You can't drink that milk! The date on it was yesterday."
Who has heard that? Or was it you who said it?

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Horseradish in Illinois
Southwest Illinois: Horseradish Capital of America

Americans today like a little burn in their burrito, a wasabi wallop with their sushi, a chili charge in their Thai takeout. And as long as consumers yearn for the burn, Southern Illinois horseradish grower Jeff Heepke will bring the heat.

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