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Resolutions for You and Your Pet
Courtesy of PetMD

Celebrating the New Year is all fun and games until you attempt to set goals for the "new you".  What's even trickier is finding a resolution for your pet as well!  Whether you opt to eat healthier, exercise more, or try a new activity together - we hope you'll let us know about your goals and how we can help!  

Top 10 Resolutions

1.)  Measure your pet's food every time. Most times guess-timating your pet's food intake turns out to be too much that results in overfeeding and weight gain. Check your pet food bag to see the guidelines to figure out how much your pet actually needs!

2.)  Choose an age-appropriate diet. Depending on if your feeding an older dog or a hyper puppy, they're gonna need different amounts of food as well as a different necessity of nutrients. Create a diet specifically for your furry friend's life stage and style. 

3.)  Try a new activity with your pet. Sometimes exercising can be a bit boring, annoying, and time consuming. Especially if all you can think about is spending time with your pet! Try incorporating them instead! Go hiking, take a doga class (which is yoga with your dog!), or even go for a swim. If you have a kitty, maybe invest in those kitty carriers so let your cat explore the world as well. 

4.)  Incorporate (more) play time! Even if you play with your pet regularly, there is never a bad time to chase a laser or play tug-of-war. Just don't let your pet know it's exercise! 

5.)  Visit the vet. Yearly exams at the vet are a great way to keep on top of your pet's health. These visits are the perfect time to ask questions, get some advice, or an expert opinion.

6.)  Groom your pet daily. Although this may be time consuming it's great for your pet as well as yourself! Meaning, less shedding! Grooming gets rid of extra fur, keeps their fur shiny, and by helping them with this you create a stronger bond between you and your pet!

7.)  Practice better oral hygiene habits. Great way to get rid of plaque, just be sure to use toothpaste meant for your dog or cat! 

8.)  Teach an old dog a new trick. Mental stimulation can help older dogs' health from deteriorating. Learning something new and practicing old ones is a great way to keep your pup's mind active. 

9.)  Update pet ID info. New year may mean new address, new phone number, or even a new last name. Though people often forget to update these new items on their dog's tags. But instead of waiting for each new year update it as soon as something changes; great way to keep in a routine of things and keep track of your dog if they get lost! 

10.)  Consider fostering. Last but certainly not least think about helping pets find a home! Many shelters need temporary living arrangements that are safe and loving. The wait for their forever home could be a while, so why not make that time worth the wait? This is a great idea for those of you sitting on the fence, unsure if you are ready for a pet of your own yet! But who knows, maybe you'll foster one pup you just can't give up! 
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