New Year, New Website, New Tools for Your Success - Time to Schedule Your 2017 IEBC Workshop - Welcome to Our New Partners

New Year, New Website, New Tools For Your Success         
IEBC offers a fresh new website to energize your efforts in 2017. While it contains all of the valuable information you have come to rely on, it offers numerous advantages over the previous edition, including:
  • Improved organization of our resources
  • Improved access through user-friendly typography, spacing, and other design elements
  • Improved, up-to-date design and navigation
Anyone who has managed a website redesign knows it is a significant undertaking. Why did IEBC believe it was necessary?
IEBC's accumulation of knowledge has expanded since its founding, with new approaches and programs to help you address your challenges in improving student success. Our new website reflects what IEBC has learned about the "what" and "how" of using data and collaboration. We have better organized and synthesized these resources to find, follow and implement them in your own programs.  
Based on input from users, staff, and the board of directors, IEBC determined what changes would be most beneficial as you pursue your own collaborative initiatives to improve education. We strive to be a convenient one-stop resource which can provide you with important tools to move your initiatives forward. We help you not only locate information quickly and efficiently, but give you the ability to identify how IEBC can best serve your efforts to become self-sufficient through our resources.

IEBC's professionals are eager to work with you to create workshops, programs, and partnerships. The website is the first step in forging connections with us and our resources.    
IEBC's website address is the same, Please bookmark it for convenient access.

NOTE: Previously bookmarked links to documents on our old website may no longer work. Visit our home page to find the new links if you receive any error messages. We apologize for any inconvenience.  
Time To Schedule Your IEBC Workshops & Data Coaching  

One of the most valuable ways IEBC can help education stakeholders use data and information to
make informed decisions, improve your practices and ultimately increase student success is through our customized workshops and coaching.

We know every institution's challenges are unique to them, whether internal or external. Every IEBC workshop and coaching approach is also unique to each organization. We work with you to determine the perfect fit for your needs.

Not sure exactly where to start?  Our Student Success and Data Use report contains workshop examples demonstrating how we have helped other institutions like yours. Visit the Workshops and Webinars section on our new website for more information and resources on workshops, webinars and coaching.

Challenge us to create something innovative that will energize and enlighten you and your team. It is the ideal time to get in touch with us as you are planning your professional development calendar for 2017 and ensure IEBC has a place on your schedule, whether it's in spring, summer, or fall. Contact us today.  

Contact us at
IEBC Welcomes Our 2017 Partners

IEBC looks forward to working with our new and continuing partners in 2017. Here's a sample:  

  • SRI International - IEBC is the data partner in support of SRI's continued work on evaluation of the California Linked Learning District Initiative;
  • Southwestern Community College and Sweetwater Union High School District - IEBC supports the South County Education Collaborative, designed to improve student preparedness for college by aligning expectations for English and math from high school exit to college entrance; increasing college-going rates; and improving college completion rates;
  • The State of Hawaii for 1) phase two of our work with the Hawai'i Data eXchange Partnership, a continuation of the unlocking of the state longitudinal data system (SLDS) to enable telling the full story of a student's academic progress; and 2) continued data use work through workshops and coaching;
  • Coachella Valley (California) Economic Partnership where IEBC will to provide student data reporting support services to ensure the CVEP can achieve continuous improvement among K-12 districts and postsecondary institutions; and support efforts to improve student success;
  • The Education Trust-West (ETW) for work with Pajaro Valley Union School District for data collection and analysis to support the ETW transcript evaluation project;
  • Long Beach City College for evaluation of the Long Beach Promise.
IEBC deeply appreciates the support of our funders and partners whose shared commitments make this work possible. Because of them, IEBC continues to help education stakeholders use data and information to make decisions, improve practice and increase student success.    

For more information about opportunities to support our work, please contact us at or call us at 760-436-1477.
Getting Busy at Workshops with IEBC

IEBC President/CEO Dr. Brad Phillips likes to get audiences involved right from the start of his workshops, often through a brief exercise to set the stage for further discussion. At right, 300 attendees at his presentation on January 10 to Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland. Wisconsin are already intensely at work within minutes of taking their seats. 
Dr. Phillips' keynote presentation on "Data Use Demystified" was followed by two workshops: "The Psychology of Data Use" and "How To Tell Your Story With Data."

On January 12, Dr. Phillips visited Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania to present a keynote address on "Data Use and Courageous Conversations," followed by working sessions on high impact research-based practices and high impact practices focused on improving student success, retention and persistence.
In California, at the Linked Learning Alliance Convention in Oakland January 23-25, IEBC Vice President Jordan Horowitz will lead a session on "Measuring Success: Leading and Lagging Indicators for Linked Learning" and Senior Director John Watson and Project Director April Eldahaby will lead a session on the Work-Based Learning Data Pilot. 

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