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A new & improved
Verbaccino website
is coming soon!

When I launched the very first version of back in 2014, I had designed it myself with a popular website-builder app. Since then, the look of the website has evolved. But one thing hasn't changed: it's still a DIY job. At the time of writing this, I can take credit for every single design update (good or bad) since the original launch.

I must say, I've really enjoyed the creative process of building and periodically tweaking my own website. I've learned a lot - including the inherent limits of the DIY-design platform I've been using.

However, as Verbaccino approaches its third anniversary, I've decided it's time to invest in a professionally-designed website. One that will give me the additional features and functionality I need to keep growing my business into the future.

It's not just about a more professional look, though I'm excited about that too. It's about:
  • making the website more mobile friendly;
  • completely integrating the Verbaccino Blog;
  • building a proper multilingual architecture;
  • improving the international SEO;
  • enhancing the usability, e.g. with a "Search" function;
  • laying the groundwork for digital business capabilities.

I've been working with Quebec-based web designer Shannon Smith, of CafĂ© Noir Design Inc., who specializes in bilingual and multilingual websites. We're in the final stretch of the redesign process, and the new website should be ready to launch within the next week or two. I can't wait for you to see it!


In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the English homepage:

Stay tuned for the big launch!

- Kathrin Bussmann, Founder & Principal

International & Global Marketing News

As always, I encourage you to visit Verbaccino's  Global Marketing Topics magazine on Flipboard  for a curated selection of recent articles around international business and marketing.

Required reading for any international-minded business owner or marketer: the new Digital in 2017: Global Overview  report by   Simon Kemp , created in collaboration with   We Are Social and Hootsuite .

I add share-worthy content to Verbaccino's Flipboard magazine on an almost daily basis , so check back often!

for February 2017

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February 2017
Some of the important dates coming up this month include:

February 1: b eginning of World Interfaith Harmony Week  (U.N.)

February 1: beginning of Black History Month in Canada & the USA

February 11: Magha Puja (Buddhism)

February 11: Tu BiShvat (Judaism)

February 11:
National Foundation Day   in Japan

February 11: Lantern Festival in Chinese culture

February 14: Valentine's Day (Western Christian tradition)

February 20: World Day of Social Justice  (U.N.)

February 20: Statutory Holiday in most of Canada

February 21: International Mother Language Day  (U.N.)

February 24: Maha Shivaratri (Hinduism)

February 27: Losar, a.k.a. Tibetan New Year (Buddhism)

February 27: Shrove Monday  (Western Christianity)

February 28: Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a.  Mardi Gras  (W. Christianity)

You can  download this calendar as a PDF document by clicking on the link, above,  and selecting "Save Page As".

Get  more details about any holiday or observance on the calendar  by clicking on the specific entry.

Did I miss any important dates?
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