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January: Promises, Promises
Hope you're not too exhausted from your yearly visit to the gym on New Years Day -- Unknown

Upcoming Events
Local Races & BSE clinics

Blue Sky clinics :
1/21 - Triathlon 101 Clinic, 10am
1/28  - Stretch Clinic by Stretch Science , 10am

BSE Events:
1/7Parris Island Triathlon Training Program.
     -Info session: 1/7 @10am
1/8 - Pre-Run the Charleston Marathon and Half Marathon , 7:30am, North Charleston High School

Upcoming Races: 
1/1 - New Years Pajama Run Race the Landing, 8:30am
1/14 - Charleston Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 8am
1/28 - Charlie Post Classic 15k/5k, 8:30am
1/29 - The Great Amazing Race, 2pm

Click the link below to find out more about our events.                                                   

Look ahead! 
2/7 - Kick off for Racing with Ruth Marie:  Cooper River Bridge Run Training Program

Group Ride - Tuesday  4:00pm -check Meetup and FB for additional changes as needed
Group Run - Every Thursday 6:00pm -  Bring your blinky light 

Need to get in a long run, ride, or swim this winter? Check out our Meetup group or FB page:

Monthly Spotlight
It's Time to Pick One Thing

Ready, set, go! 

It's that's time already, time to walk the walk after months of talking the talk. January means many things to people, but for most people it's time to turn over a new leaf -- to start anew -- or be like the 6 million dollar man "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. ~Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."  How can we all be the 6 million dollar man? (who admittedly would be about 1 billion dollars today...yes, 6 million dollar man reference is very old and so am I)

1. Set goals, don't make resolutions.  I resolve to train better. Well that sounds great, but what does it mean? A whole lot of nothing. However, if my goal is to eat healthier foods 5 days a week and race a fast Half-Ironman--now that's a goal. When I have concrete goals and not vague resolutions, I can set real tangible steps to achieve my goals.

Better yet, set up goals for the year. This will give you a tangible outline for the whole year, weekly goals and monthly goals, and you make sure to allow yourself to get in to peak race condition while allowing time to recover in-between races. To learn more about this type of goal setting you can check out this blog at Mileswithmoms

2. Pick one thing. Although we're all pretty darn near perfect, remarkably there are probably a good 5, 10, or 20 things we might want to change about ourselves when January comes around.  Easy peasy right? Simply set a goal! I just told you that. No so fast speedy. Pick ONE thing to focus on at a time...maybe 2 depending on your situation more than that and you are likely to get overwhelmed and fail at all of your goals. If you want to go to the gym more this year, don't start out saying you will go 5 days a week, start out with 2 days to make it easier to achieve success. Once you experience that success you'll  be more likely to achieve further successes. Personally I want to work on my cycling skills, but I'm also building up my run mileage and trying to strength train and eat healthy. Whoa--way way too much. I need to prioritize.

3. Cut yourself some slack. January starts out with pie in the sky ideals about how we 'should' be or how great other people are, but reality is very different. Not everyone is perfect, really, it's true. Not even me. Be easy on yourself. If you have an off day or an off week it's okay. Keep your goal in sight and ignore the negative. Like a good, hard workout makes us stronger, how we recover from set backs makes us stronger too.                            

The Athletes' Plate 
The 80/20 Rule
Eating healthy & trying to stick to a performance nutrition plan can sometimes be difficult. That is where the "80/20 Rule" comes in --- If you are able to stick to your plan at least 80% of the time, then your health and performance should benefit. ~~Janet Carter, MS, RD,LD,CLS ,
Featured Product
Cobb Saddles 
It's time to get 'back in the saddle" both figuratively and literally if you're a cyclist. What better way to "walk this way" than to start out your New Year goal than in a NEW bike saddle?! -thank you Aerosmith for the handy quotes. Come in to BSE and check out our Cobb Saddles and enjoy our demo program--you can try out a saddle for a week or more before you order one. And it costs only $10/week (and that $$ is put toward the purchase of the saddle)! Stop by to make sure your 'parts' are comfy. 

Cobb Cycling: "We serve any cyclist (road, mountain, triathlon or commuter) from entry level to World Champion.

We can help riders that are challenged in performing their chosen sport experiencing saddle discomfort, saddles sores, muscle or soft tissue issues.

Inefficient fit dynamics relating to saddle issues can greatly reduce the cycling experience and performance, and riders will benefit greatly from our technologies." 

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