Dr. Wiener Named
Best Beauty Surgeon
By Harper's Bazaar

In the April, 2014 
edition of Harper's 
Bazaar, Dr. Wiener received the honor of "Best Beauty Surgeon"
in Illinois, a coveted 
spot only given to the
top doctors in the field
of Plastic Surgery. 

He was the only 
doctor in Illinois to
 receive this honor.

Dr. Wiener discusses
New Year's resolutions 
and the benefits of
 healthy living in  
Beauty World News!
Click on the Link above 
to view the article.



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Dr. Gregory Wiener, M.D., FACS   


Board-certified in Plastic Surgery, and a member of the esteemed American College of Surgeons, 
Dr. Wiener has risen to prominence 
through his thoughtful and individualized approach to his patients, 
and his dedication to consistently beautiful results.

He was named a Consumers' Research Council of America "Top Surgeon" and completed his residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  

Dr. Wiener has been featured in several media outlets such as E! NewsLive, WFLD-TV, WMAQ-TV, Univision Online, Oxygen Magazine,  Healthy and Fit Magazine, Forbes, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Globe, Daily Herald, Chicago Sun Times and the Today Show Website. 

He has been named one of "The Best Beauty Surgeons in the Country" by Harper's Bazaar and is also a regular contributor to Aesthetic Trends and Fact Based Skin Care. 


Dr. Wiener has been practicing on Chicago's Northwest side for more than 9 years and recently opened a new, state-of-the-art facility at 5440 N. Cumberland Avenue, Suite 105, Chicago IL 60656. 


To learn more about Dr. Wiener and how he can help you look and feel your very best, please visit: www.TheArtofPlasticSurgery.com