January News from Howard County Recycling
Merry Mulch Mania
The ornaments are down, the tinsel is off, now what do you do with that Christmas tree? Your participation in the Merry Mulch program saves thousands of trees from the landfill every year! Drop it off or set it at the curb on your recycling day. All the details and dates
Heard the "S" word recently? If you're concerned about inclement weather and how it will affect your collections, this email blast is a great resource! You can also call 410-313-6444 or visit our Inclement Weather webpage .
Know Before you Throw! Are you recycling right?
Test your knowledge and earn a FREE gift!
What's your favorite way to minimize the wastefulness of the holiday season?
recycle and reuse my wrapping paper/boxes.
I compost my food scraps and plan ahead for no leftover waste.
I avoid stuff. I'm planning experiences instead.
I Merry Mulch my holiday tree.
I find old items to donate to others.
Curbside Yard Trim Collection
The last day for curbside yard trim collection is January 19, 2018. Collection will resume the first week in April. What do I do with my yard trim after January 19 ? Residents in the Feed The Green Bin area receive year-round yard trim and food scrap collection.
What should I do with ... tennis balls? Your local nursing/retirement community use them on the feet of walkers. Start a collection drive and send them to  Rebounces  or  Project Green Ball
Wow! That was random , I want to know about more random items .
Household Hazardous Waste
HHW drop-off special days at ARL on the first Saturday of the month: January 6, February 3 and March 3 . Regular Saturday drop-off will reopen on Saturday, April 7, 2018.