Los Angeles, CA--  My philosophy is, It's all about what you do next. We've all had to dig deep the past two years to find new ways of enduring, loving, and thriving, and once you've grieved yesterday, it really is about what you do next.
In that spirit, I am excited to announce our first annual participation in the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, CA, February 4th-6th, 2022! You can drop by and see us at booth #802 in the Plaza Ballroom and come to our free lecture on "Starting a Conscious Business", on Sunday evening (6th) at 5 PM PST in Century A. Also, we've got several members speaking in lectures, workshops, and panels so make sure you check them out in the guide link. (Everything will be simulcast for those who aren't local.) For those of you in Los Angeles (or members appearing in the expo), we still need volunteers to tend the COVR table so please let me know if you can donate a few hours to the cause. (You'll get free entrance for your trouble.) Or, you can purchase tickets here.

The 2022 COVR Visionary Awards opened for early entries on January 1st and it's been amazing! (Click here for this years categories)

As you know, each year we allow our Visionary Partners and Patrons who've been nominated for awards to send one email to our membership, letting them know about the product up for an award. We ask you for your patience and enthusiasm in receiving these emails as it is an exciting time of the year for all the entrants to showcase their hard work. The "email season" is temporary and you can expect to hear from them through May. We are grateful to you in advance.

As always, if you have any ideas for COVR or needs for your business, please respond to this email with a note!

Warm regards,

Tracee Dunblazier
President, COVR
Omaha, Nebraska--  We’ve had a fantastic start to the 2022 COVR Visionary Awards! It’s exciting to see all the creative work coming in from the Mind/Body/Spirit community. Last year set a record with the number of entries and we’re already on track to shatter that number this year! As you’re considering your entries, I just wanted to offer a couple of reminders.
First, don’t forget that the early-bird entry period ends January 31st. This is something new we’re offering for 2022 so be sure to get the forms and payment submitted soon to take advantage of the special pricing! Secondly, after you’ve submitted the entry form, be sure to get your samples mailed in quickly to avoid getting caught up in any shipping delays.

Select Audio & Visual categories that feature digital-only formats, need only to submit a working link to verify eligibility. However, if your entry is available anywhere commercially in a physical format, then a sample copy will need to be mailed in still regardless of which category is entered. Once your sample is received and verified then your entry is complete.
If you have any questions or need any assistance with the entry process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at alex@covr.org and I’ll do my best to help. Good luck and get those entries in!

Warm regards,

Alex Fernandez
Director Visionary Awards, COVR
How Participating in Trade Shows Help Your Business
by Robert Quicksilver, Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles CA
Marketing your product or service is as important as the product or service itself. Having a great idea for a product, or feeing the urgency to share your vision through lecturing and speaking, is a good starting point, but how do we go from the ‘ idea’ of a new product or service to manifesting a successful business?
Welcome New COVR Board of Directors
Bernadette King
With over 1 million people per month who visit her websites (WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com, BuildingBeautifulSouls.com, and WitchcraftandWitches.com) Bernadette is one of the most trusted names in metaphysics. She's a philanthropist, multi-award winning author, and creator of the ground breaking, best selling Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck. 
An evidential psychic medium, tarot reader, Shamanic practitioner, teacher, and animal communicator she's read for tens of thousands of clients. All that fancy stuff aside, the most important thing to know about her is Bernadette's a country girl who's sacred mission in life is to stop cruelty to animals - including humans. 

Jessica Arsenault
For over 20 years Jessica has been working in the sales department at one of the world’s oldest and largest publishers, Inner Traditions. What started as a part time Summer job quickly turned into a passion - helping to bring books and card decks to the Mind, Body, and Spirit community. She manages Exports, Special Sales, and many Advertising and Marketing initiatives. When she’s not at the office geeking out on spreadsheets or assisting her customers, Jessica can be found roaming New England visiting her favorite places. From the beaches of Connecticut to the far North regions of Maine, and from Lake Champlain to Fenway Park, she makes her home in the heart of the Green Mountain State with her Husband, two children, two dogs and a crazy cat.
We are thrilled to offer you an opportunity to enter your books and products into the most prestigious Mind + Body + Spirit product awards program anywhere: the #2022COVRVisionaryAwards.
Early bird entries will open January 1st, 2022, at the discounted rate of $75 per entry until February 1st, 2022, when the rate goes up to $85 per entry.
Click here for new categories, and start putting together your contributions now.
Claim Your Booth at INATS NOW!
We are so excited to participate in INATS this year, in person in Denver, Colorado! We will be hosting a networking event for all our members and for the first time in two years we will host the 2022 COVR Visionary Awards, awards banquet and ceremony!
If you've not supported a both to showcase your products, this is the place to do it. Hundreds of retailers and new products for your stores. We look forward to seeing you. If you've got questions, we've got answers, click HERE to see what's going on.
Retailing Insights Collaboration!
Margaret Hefferman, Author- Maighread MacKay , Website: https://www.mhefferman.ca

Jodine Turner, Author, Website: jodineturner.com

Hemali Vora, Healing Arts, Website: hemalivora.com     

Donetta Huffman, author and Master Numerologist, Website: searchingthedivine.com

Andreea Billig, Speaker, Website: http://www.agbillig.com

Kristine Augustyn, Artist, Website: www.kristineaugustyn.com  

Melissa Jennewein, Author- Soul Curiosity Press LLC ,

Kelly Keough, Author, Website: kellykeough.com and thedreamdiva.com

Rhys Wynn Davies, Author, Website: https://www.rhyswynndavies.com
Join our new business education program: the COVR Masterclass, where we'll bring you Mind, Body, Spirit innovator's who are at the top of their game, to give you the information you need to begin, grow, or profit from your MBS business in a conscious way. You need not be present to learn, once the class has been broadcast, you can register and receive the link anytime.

If you have a terrific topic you'd like to teach in 2022, respond back to this email to get on the calendar!

Participate in COVR
There are many ways to contribute to our all-volunteer organization—become a part of the network by posting weekly on the COVR social media pages, do a FaceBook Live interview, write an article on your area of expertise for our newsletter, or volunteering your time (an hour a week) with many of the opportunities listed below—we'd really love your help.

Social Media
Please connect with us on social media! We want to hear from you and your business. COVR social media is a great place to connect with other COVR members. While it's industry standard to post on your own page daily, here at COVR we encourage you to post weekly on our pages.

However, now that the awards season is officially open, we do allow and encourage more frequent product and self-promotion posting--please, no more than once a day.

COVR wants you! Take a look below for our latest volunteer opportunities.
Sound Healers Association
Monthly Meeting with Nasiri Suzan
Guests: Andi & Jonathan Goldman
January 18, 2022
Time: Tuesday, January 18th at 7pm (Mountain Time)
Join Zoom Meeting at:

Meeting ID: 867 4679 0250 Passcode: 493127
The 2021 COVR Masterclass Sessions are Evergreen!
Volunteer a few hours at COVR's Conscious Life Expo Booth at the Los Angeles Hilton, Feb 3rd- 6th, and gain access to the expo for free on your day of service! Mark your calendar's and respond back to this email with your availability. If you'd like a booth for your business, there's still time. Click Here
MEMBERSHIP- Volunteer your time to be the first line of connection between our new members and COVR by becoming our Membership Concierge.

COVR AMBASSADOR- Train to become a COVR ambassador and learn how to connect COVR with marketing partners for mutually beneficial cross-promotions and foster new content from COVR members.

SOCIAL MEDIA- Join the Social Media Committee and work with some of the most talented social media marketers in the MBS industry.




If you're interested in any of these opportunities please shoot us an email to info@covr.org.
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