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JANUARY  2018 News

Happy New Year! We've cleared the turkey, swept up the glitter, and could certainly use a little rejuvenation.  Good thing our  PharmFresh Organic Cold-Pressed Juice is made daily, in-house to replenish essential nutrients in delicious fashion! It's part of the 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse that we look forward to every year.

If you're not quite ready for a cleanse, we're also launching Gluten-Free Chocolate Mini Cream Pies and Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread. Go ahead, we won't judge!

Between tasty, nutritious food made with love right here at Peoples and a wellness-pharmacy dream team to assist you in achieving your New Year goals, we're feeling pretty optimistic about 2018 and we hope you are, too.  Be sure to drop by one of our free events for exclusive wellness tips or just pop in for a chat! 

All Probulin probiotics, Nordic Naturals fish oils and MyChelle  skin care products are 20% off  this month!

~ Your Friends at Peoples ❤️       

Local Herbalist Charlotte Kikel's New Book!
As a mom and local herbalist, Charlotte Kikel understands the struggle to balance work, family, and a quality diet. Her new book, Eat in Peace to Live in Peace: Your Handbook for Vitality is launching Jan. 9th, including  recipes and tips on how to kick-start your New Year's resolution and keep the good habits going!

Catch Charlotte on the "Let's Get Healthy" radio show on KJCE 1370 AM this Saturday, Jan. 6 at 9 AM and pick up a copy of her book at any Peoples location later this month!    Read more  →
3-Day Seasonal Cleanse: Delicious & Easy!
We always look forward to a new year, not only because it's an opportunity to set new intentions, but because we have a reason to enjoy the 3-Day Seasonal Cleanse!

Featuring organic, cold-pressed juice, a savory mineralizing veggie broth, hearty smoothies, and warm, herbal tea, let's just say that dumping toxins has never been more filling or satisfying.   Learn more  →

Sat., Jan. 20 @ 11AM


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