YESS goes to the Zoo

Each year, Kemin Industries provides the kids at YESS Christmas gifts, but this year they decided to do something new. Instead of an item, Kemin employees provided the kids an experience, and a YESS zoo day was planned! On an exceptionally warm December day, kids staying in shelter took a short journey over to the Blank Park Zoo to see and learn about the different animals. This gift was not only a fun and unique experience but also a way to get the kids in the community and out of the building, something that can be challenging to coordinate, especially in the winter.

Once at the zoo, the kids had up-close learning experiences about different animals the zoo cares for, including owls, ferrets, and lizards; they even got to pet some of the animals! One staff member said the older teenage boys were weary about going to the zoo and weren't sure if they'd enjoy it. However, once they arrived, they were racing to be in the front row of the animal presentations and from exhibit to exhibit.

It was a day to remember for all the kids, and we want to give a big THANK YOU to Kemin for planning and providing such a fun and educational opportunity for the kids at YESS!