This holiday season, we requested items to create Engagement Packs for families enrolled in our ICC program, Welcome Baskets for each kid upon arrival at YESS, as well as Next Step Kits for each child to take with them once they leave. Thank you to everyone who donated items to make these projects possible. We have supplies to assemble more than 250 kits thanks to the incredible support from all of you!

Pictured are the assembled Family Engagement Packs and an in-kind donation haul from just two Amazon deliveries right before Christmas!

If you sent items from our Amazon wish list and would like a donation invoice, please email Brette Puhl, as we do not receive donor information from Amazon. Also, due to the generosity of the holiday season, we do not have a January wish list, stay tuned for next month!
Take a look at our fiscal 2020 stats! As Iowa’s largest emergency shelter, children from across the state of Iowa rely on YESS for safety and care. Every child comes to YESS with a story, and these stories often involve difficult experiences. No matter the age of the child or the circumstances that brought them, YESS is here to ensure they receive the best possible care and necessary support.
A big thank you to Kemin Industries for their generous support over the past 21 years. Through donations, a trivia event, auction bids, and Amazon shopping, they raised over $42,000 this year - bringing their 21-year total to $815,000!
Our holiday giving was amplified thanks to our friends at Merle Hay Mall. They helped us collect hundreds of in-kind donation items for our Welcome Baskets, Next Step Kits, and Family Engagement Packs.
HOW HOPE HALL HELPS: Specialized Therapy
Start the new year off on the right foot by focusing on your mental health! Our team of therapists can accommodate family members of all ages and are specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-based therapies, play therapy, and traditional talk therapy with services offered in-person and online.

Find out how Hope Hall can help you by calling (515)557-2256 or by visiting our website.
Senior team gathers to wrap presents for the holiday party
Philanthropy and ICC teams tie for first place in our department door decoration contest