"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"
--Mary Oliver  

The worst mistake I've ever made--and the one I keep making--is that I'm always thinking I'm making mistakes.

I often translate life--specifically, my life--to be similar to my Wi-Fi password.

When it's perfectly inputted, I have infinite access to pretty much everything in the known universe at my fingertips.

And if one digit, one capitalization, one symbol is off, then I am completely disconnected.

It's an all or nothing game.

And here's the bigger problem: apparently, no one will tell me the Wi-Fi password for Life.

I just have to keep guessing.

My real life Wi-Fi passcode (with one digit changed), by the way, is HDZML6T7ZTP4ZQD3 (chosen by Verizon and unalterable), so it's unlikely that I, or anyone, will ever get it right in this lifetime.

* * *

The worst thing about so much New Age Mindset training (and I currently lead an online mindset transformation course with over 30,000 people in it!) is that when things aren't working out, it's because your "Alignment" is off.

You simply don't have the right Wi-Fi password for wealth or success or love or whatever else you're lacking.

And that kind of thinking has (unfortunately) often led me to "fix" endless "non-problems" in my own life.

Rather than celebrating all the things that work, and much more importantly, realizing that TIME is part of the equation, I've often kept trying to fix things that were never broken in the first place.

(And, while I'm doing only limited 1:1 coaching these days, almost everyone I work with asks an identical version of this: what's the thing I need to fix / adjust / fine-tune that just isn't working so I can have what I want.)

* * *

That's why...

I always remind my clients (and myself) that when we're baking a cake, for 95% of the time it looks nothing like a cake.

At first it's just uncombined raw ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar and oil.

And for most of the baking process it's simply goop (not Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP, FYI -- just ordinary, run-of-the-mill goop).

It's only in the last few minutes of the baking process that the cake becomes a cake.

And yet, we never look at the ingredients on the counter and declare them a "Cake Failure."

Nor do we question if the baking process will fundamentally fail us.

(Although, two weeks ago when I doubled the bourbon cake recipe I made for Cha Cha's 120th birthday, I took it out of the oven way too early and the cake fell. Fortunately the Great British Baking Show has taught me well, and I had a spare ready to pop into the oven, resulting in a culinary triumph).

* * *

Please note that I'm writing this right after the New Year because so often our New Year's resolutions are all about FIXING what's seemingly wrong.

This is going to be the year where we'll (finally) "Get It Right!"

Wouldn't it be a real revolution, however, if we just decided that there really wasn't anything wrong at all...?

That we just needed to give the bourbon cake much more time in the oven because we'd doubled the recipe given the crowd size?

And that it was completely OK that the first one fell.

In 2019, rather than an endless focus on self-improvement, I'm determined to focus on what is already working and amplifying that.

For me, it's a semi-radical thought that I could even entertain the possibility that everything might just be happening according to its own schedule, even if I haven't been given a copy of the train stops.

And finally, rather than continually trying to find the secrets to an unknowable Wi-Fi password for wealth / success / love  /everything, I'm willing to explore living more fully in the now and tapping into whatever is working well (and right at my fingertips).

I invite you to explore this in your own life and ...

I've created a new meditation on this topic which you can download for FREE HERE. (5 minutes + 15 of music)

In brief: Stop trying to find the Wi-Fi password ... start living as though you already have it.

Namaste for Now,


P.S.  The Free Meditation is HERE.
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