Greetings! Voter suppression and ICE/Border Patrol are effecting people's rights to live and advocate for themselves. Help support women leaving the Chittenden Regional Corrections Facility.
-Kina Thorpe, Educational Program Manager
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January 6, 2020
Action Alerts: Women's March 2020,
Weatherize Burlington Apartments
Women's March 2020, January 18 at
Castleton University

Women’s March Vermont 2020 will have something for everyone near and far (including a livestream)! There will be actions to take onsite at Castleton University, offsite at an action/watch party, or from wherever you are with your phone.

Rising progressive star Rep. Summer Lee will be keynoting this town hall style event. Rep. Lee took office in Jan 2019 and is the first Black woman from western PA to be elected to the PA House of Representatives. Before she took office, Rep. Lee was a dedicated organizer, activist and advocate for social justice in her local community. Her legislative priorities include criminal justice reform; education, health care and energy policy reforms; a progressive tax structure for Pennsylvania and a $15 minimum wage for all workers.
Hosts for the afternoon are Mia Schultz and Sade Bolger.

As part of this event, Women's March is seeking donations to support women released from Chittenden Regional Corrections Facility. Items can be brought to the onsite event in Castleton on January 18th or to the Peace & Justice Center in Burlington from January 11th to 17th.

Much needed items include:
  • Clothes (Larger sizes like XL, 2XL, 3XL are most needed)
  • Hygiene products
  • Outerwear 
  • Shoes
  • Prepaid phones and minutes, grocery gift cards, and makeup for job interviews, etc. are desperately needed.

Event presented by Women’s March Vermont and Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund.
If you plan to attend in person, you must reserve tickets. You can do so by clicking below.
The Burlington City Council is considering requiring all landlords to weatherize the homes of tenants. Many landlords will lobby that they shouldn't have to weatherize at all (or should have a cap on how much it will cost them), that they should be able to take a long time to complete the weatherization process, and that they they should be allowed to put the cost of weatherization on to tenants.

All Burlington landlords should be required to fully weatherize renters' homes due to the impending climate disaster and the injustice of making tenants pay exorbitant utility bills. As owners of rental properties that already cost more than many people can afford, it is their job to make sure their tenants have livable homes.

Sign the petition to demand that landlords weatherize their buildings.
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