New Year 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year!
Consumer Reports:
Real Pain Relief Now!
Jump for joy
Real Pain Relief Now !,” an article in the June 2019 issue of Consumer Reports , describes how the reaction to pain can create a vicious cycle of increasing disability. Beth Darnall, Ph.D., clinical professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at Stanford University in California, explains, “[People] may move less for fear of increasing their pain, which allows muscles to atrophy and negatively impacts mood and sleep." The article states, ”The way to keep from being dragged into that cycle—or to get out of it—is to incorporate appropriate types of movement into your daily routine." The article recommends the Alexander Technique for reducing pain and making movement easier. Link
Where's Your Head At?
“How your head is on the inside is intrinsically linked to how your head is poised on the outside” explains Richard Marsden , a military war veteran who had been suffering from PTSD and back pain. This article from STAT describes how learning the Alexander Technique has helped Marsden to have a much better mental and physical quality of life. Link
F. M. Alexander Quote
F. M. Alexander's secretary, Ethel Webb, occasionally wrote down especially interesting comments she overheard him giving to students during their lessons:

"There is no such thing as a right position, but there is such a thing as a right direction."

From Aphorisms by F. Matthias Alexander
New Year Intensives
Marian's Intensives have been pivotal weeks in my understanding and practice of Alexander Technique. While I've been enjoying all the benefits that come with weekly lessons, I've made exponential progress during the Intensives.

The experience of daily lessons is so transformative, I do whatever I can to participate in the Intensives every time they are offered.
Aaron Goldman
Principal Flute
National Symphony Orchestra

I was able to participate in one of Marian’s intensives, and the results were striking. My weekly lessons up to that point had been helpful, and had produced steady improvements in my posture, ease of motion, and comfort with everyday tasks. The intensives greatly accelerated these improvements. Instead of waiting a week or two in between lessons, I was able on each consecutive day to improve immediately upon what we had accomplished the day before. 

I have never felt better after leaving an Alexander lesson than I did at the conclusion of the fifth day; my footsteps felt lighter, I found myself gliding deftly into the driver’s seat of my car (a move that is normally clumsy and awkward for me), and my wife even told me that I looked noticeably taller! Marian’s intensives are a must for anyone who has found success with the Alexander Technique and wants to feel even better.
–Keith Anderson
Washington, DC
FM Alexander teaching a child. Photograph of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Alexander Technique chair turn. © 2016 Marian Goldberg
Back when F. M. Alexander was teaching his technique, people would usually take half-hour Alexander lessons five days a week for a month or more (per F. M. Alexander's requirement). This worked very well, as daily, private lessons provide for more in-depth and rapid learning and improvement. This is still the most beneficial and efficient way to learn the Alexander Technique. Following this tradition, Marian Goldberg is offering special daily intensives:

Five-Lesson Intensives
Five 1/2 hour private lessons over the course of six days
Fee: $295
  • January 7 - January 12
  • January 14 - January 19
  • January 21 - January 26
  • January 28 - February 2
  • February 4 - February 9

Ten-Lesson Intensives
Ten 1/2 hour private lessons over the course of two weeks
Fee: $575
  • January 7 - January 19
  • January 14 - January 26
  • January 29 - February 9

Fifteen-Lesson Intensives
Fifteen 1/2 hour private lessons over the course of three weeks
Fee: $850
  • January 7 - January 26
  • January 21 - February 9

Twenty-Lesson Intensives
Twenty 1/2 hour private lessons over four weeks
Fee: $1095
  • January 7 - February 2
  • January 14 - February 9

Payment for the full series is due at the first lesson. No more than one lesson per week of a series may be rescheduled (with 24-hour advance notice) unless there is snow, in which case more than one lesson may be rescheduled. 
Space is very limited for intensives. To schedule a series or for more information, phone Marian, 703-821-4277 or e-mail [email protected].
New Year Lesson Series
For the new year, two series of private Alexander Technique lessons with teacher Marian Goldberg are being offered at special rates: 
  • Five 1/2 hour private lessons at a special discounted rate of $305. (Standard rate is $350 for five lessons or $70 per lesson.)
  • Three 40 to 50 minute private lessons for $225. (Standard rate is $270 for three lessons or $90 per lesson.) 

These series of lessons are for: 
  • People who have not taken a course of 30 lessons but would like to experience the change and improvements that come with an in-depth experience of the Alexander Technique.
  • Those who have previously taken a course of lessons and would like a refresher.
The series of five half-hour lessons must be completed within six weeks of purchase and by March 1. The series of three lessons needs to be completed within three weeks of purchase and by March 1. Payment for a full series is due at the first lesson. Rescheduling requires 24-hour advance notice. The total number of lessons that may be rescheduled is limited to one, unless there is snow, in which case more than one lesson may be rescheduled. 
To schedule a series or for more information, phone 703-821-4277 or e-mail [email protected] .
 Photographs of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Alexander Technique Center of Washington
  © 2020 Marian Goldberg