A New Year's Resolution
That Makes You Smarter
Research suggests that 88% of people who make New Year's resolutions fail to stick to them beyond a few weeks (or, in many cases, a few days). That failure can be demoralizing but don't stress out just yet. We have good news for you.

Here is a New Year's resolution that we guarantee you can keep once you make it:

I resolve to learn more about forgiveness
because that will make me smarter and help me feel better.

We can guarantee your success with that resolution because all you have to do to fulfill it, is click on any of the titles below. Each one links to a short, informative article about forgiveness. Get started right now!
IFI Receives Grant for Safe Driving Campaign
The International Forgiveness Institute (IFI) has received a grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation to help fund the IFI's Safe Driving Campaign. Click the button below to read the full story and get your free bumper stickers.
Dr. Enright Receives 2019 Mazzuchelli Award
Dr. Robert Enright, IFI founder, received the 2019 Mazzuchelli Medallion from Dr. Mary Ellen Gevelinger, O.P., Ed.D., Interim President of Edgewood College in Madison, WI, last month. The m edallion recognizes those “who cultivate intellectual and spiritual resources to empower others” and is one of the College’s highest honors. To read the full story, click here.
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