January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year!
"I’m No Slouch"
Alexander Technique Center featured in
Washingtonian Magazine

Alexander Technique Center teacher Marian Goldberg is featured in “I'm No Slouch!,” an article written by Cathy Alter, "a woman on a mission to improve her posture" in the January 2023 issue of Washingtonian magazine. The article is available in the print edition and online for digital subscribers.
Making Beautiful Music
An article by harpist and Alexander Technique teacher, Claire Happel Ashe, is the latest addition to the Musicians’ Section of the Alexander Technique Center’s website. This informative article, which originally appeared in the American Harp Journal, explains how the Technique can allow musicians to play with more ease and prevent injuries.
Words of Wisdom from F. M. Alexander
F. M. Alexander's secretary, Ethel Webb, occasionally wrote down especially interesting comments she overheard him saying to students during their lessons:

"You [everyone] translate everything, whether physical or mental, into muscular tension."

From Aphorisms by F. Matthias Alexander
Freedom in Thought and Action
Audio Book
Freedom in Thought and Action by Tasha Miller and David Langstroth is an exceptionally clear, concise, and fascinating introduction to the Alexander Technique. The audio book is free on YouTube and is also available from Spotify. The thought-provoking and inspiring “Introduction” to the book is written by Anne Hughes, MD, who was a student of the author and Alexander Technique teacher, Tasha Miller.
Alexander Technique Lessons
Alexander Technique chair turn. © 2016 Marian Goldberg

Marian Goldberg is giving private Alexander Technique lessons after a pandemic hiatus. To schedule lessons or for more information, call Marian at (571) 265-3207 or (703) 821-2920 (voice mail only), or email info@alexandercenter.com.
Photographs of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Photograph of Claire Happel Ashe by Sarah Wright
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