Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
January 2019 Dream Journal
Bikes from Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore 
88 students received new wheels to make their trek to school a lot shorter. The bikes were donated by our partner Rotary Club Sentosa during a large ceremony at the Mebon School in Angkor Thom District.
The visiting Rotary members also distributed 164 packages of study materials to students at  Mebon Primary school, one of the schools where we will collaborate in building school bathroom and hand washing station this year. 
Who’s doing your taxes?

Are you or do you have a great CPA who is willing to help with our taxes? We would appreciate pro-bono help to complete our 2018 taxes. It involves filing the F990 Form.

Please contact  

Donation Inspiration Strikes 
One of the first donations for our Rebuild a Latrine project came from a donor who experienced a catastrophic plumbing problem on January 1st. What a way to start your New Year! Nothing like a personal experience to make you sympathetic to the plight of others in the same boat.
First Visitors of the Year
Ms. Helena from New York and her son Steven and her two granddaughters from Australia were the first visitors this year to tour our Education program and community projects We don’t give out candy or pens. But we are glad to distribute fresh fruit during the visit. We feel it is important for both our donors and our students and village families to get to know each other. We welcome visitors who are accompanied by our staff to interact with our students, read books aloud or participate in craft activities in the library. It is nice to see how comfortable our students have become in interacting with foreign visitors. They most likely will never be able to travel the world, but we bring the world to them with diverse visitors and volunteers of all ages.
It is very special for the visitors to have an insight into Cambodian life. As Ellen-Anne from South Africa wrote after her visit: 

“I am so pleased to see the passion of the teachers and the good discipline in the classrooms. I found it very interesting to watch the lessons and to see and hear how a foreign language, like English, is taught to the young learners. Especially teaching a completely new alphabet to the learners! I realize that for a person from the West to learn a new European language it is much easier, because the different languages make use of the same alphabet. Often, the more languages you know the easier it becomes to learn yet another European language. But when you have to get to know a completely new alphabet, it really takes a huge effort and much more time.”
Thank You for your generous $1000 donations…
Matthew & Nicole Duster: “This is for Carol & Mark Duster's Christmas present. Thank you for being such amazing parents and setting an example for the entire world. Please use where the need is most.”
Paul Schreiber: generously refurbished 11 toilets with his donation.
Kathy DiBiasi: a longtime supporter, astutely realizes that we have core organizational costs in Cambodia. Thank you for letting us use your donation towards paying the rent and keeping the lights on.
A Bigger Thank You to our foundation sponsors who have committed once again to continue their sponsorship.
Bill Taylor of SEA Foundation has agreed to provide $7,500 in matching funds for our Breakfast Program

Ron Khoo from Food For Good, continues to donate $400 a month.

Bastion Foundation has generously donated $10,000 to ensure the program is fully funded.

Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) continues to build water wells at the rate of 7 plus per month.

Bastion Foundation has committed $7,500 to fund our Early Childhood Education which allows us to teach the teachers and provides an impressive 11 preschools.

Staff News

Our Education Coordinator, Sovoan Sem gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Chamrong Monireach or Reza for short.
Volunteer Interns
A sad goodbye to Jani Swart who has been instrumental in many of our programs. Her primary aim was working on the second stage of our Piglet Program and how to monitor the pregnant sows/pigs.

A warm welcome to Jelle Bosman from The Netherlands who will help with our grant writing program.