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New Year 7 day DETOX ~ Back by popular demand!
Don't forget to Super charge your Detox with Aqua Detox Foot Baths + Lymphatic Drainage Cupping®


Did you miss out on our last Detox promotion during holiday hustle and bustle? Don't worry, we are bringing it back for a limited time just for YOU!
Purchase our 7 Day detox kit for only $139 before January 31st and Super charge your detox kit with Aqua Detox foot baths & a Lymphatic Drainage Cupping session for only $20 each (normally $85 each).

Here's how it works. Order your 7 Day detox kit over the phone or in person ASAP (anytime before Jan 31st). After ordering your kit, Book up to 3 Aqua Detox foot baths (only $20 each) to be used the week of your cleanse for additional detox boosting. Also be sure to Book a Lymphatic Drainage Cupping session for an even deeper detox and immune boost (only $20/session).

You will experience the most comprehensive detox ever. Your detox kit includes 7 days of nutritional meal replacement shakes & detox supplements combined with the additional cleansing benefits of the Aqua Detox foot bath plus an immune boosting Lymphatic Drainage Cupping session-don't wait, Call Today!

Besides jumpstarting weight loss and recharging your energy, this detox makes you healthier by optimizing gut health and by stimulating lymphatic drainage during flu season.

We want everyone to stay healthy during 2022!
Now, more than ever we are learning the importance of
investing in our health as our best defense.

With wishes for a healthy New Year,

The doctors & staff at InnerMovement

New Year Detox kit
for Only $139 Plus $20 BONUS Detox

Buy before Jan 31st & receive (up to 3) Aqua Detox Foot Bath Sessions + (1)Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Session for only $20 each
(over $100 savings)

Take advantage of the most comprehensive Detox in Town!
Don't miss out on this special offer
Order TODAY while supplies last!
Pick up your kit in person or order over the phone and we will ship direct to you
+Lymphatic Drainage Cupping
for only $20 ($65 savings)

Come on in everyone! We offer a revolutionary Cupping technique to support your 7 day Detox. Cupping stretches open the lymphatic vessels. This action increases the movement of lymph locally and systemically Increasing Lymphatic output. This specific cupping technique increases the immune systems ability to detoxify the body.

The 7-day MetabolicBiome Plus
kit contains:
  • 14 packets of MetabolicBiome Plus, a meal replacement powder to promote the growth and activity of a healthy microbiome

  • 14 supplement packets that include GlucoResolve™ to support healthy glucose and insulin levels, Biomega-700™ (Omega-3s) and digestive enzyme support

  • Step-by-Step Guidebook
  • Supercharge your 7-day detox with a 30 minute Aqua Detox foot bath session + Lymphatic drainage Cupping

Question: Will the Detox kit help me reach my 2022 weight loss goals?

Answer: Yes!

The MetabolicBiome Plus kit supports your bodies ability to detox and lose weight by Optimizing our own gut health.

It is a healthy weight management program founded on the revolutionary premise that yes, we are what we eat, but we are also what our trillions of gut microbes eat.

And guess what, like all Biotics products, this research based program called MetabolicBiome Plus is AWESOME!

The Biotics MetabolicBiome Plus is Built On REVOLUTIONARY Gut Science. And it is a Game Changer for detoxification and Weight Management. By mimicking the effects of a diversified plant-based diet, the MetabolicBiome™ Plus Program supports a patient’s optimal weight using a two-pronged approach:
  1. Optimize gut microbiota through polyphenolic stimulation
  2. Support healthy blood sugars through macronutrient balance and key nutrients
  3. There are no program limits - Continue the 7 Day detox program until ideal weight is achieved

  • 20 grams of collagen protein OR plant based pea protein, free of hormones, antibiotics and GMOs (skin + joint repair)
  • 9 grams of healthy fats (skin + gut repair)
  • 9 grams of fiber (weight loss + gut repair)
  • Great-tasting flavors (rich chocolate/delicious vanilla)
  • Blend with water or your favorite milk alternative
  • Sweetened with monk fruit (sugar free but tastes like a treat)
  • Always Gluten Free, Dairy free, Soy free...
(*the program can be customized with 100% organic Vegan protein)

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