The Spirited Woman
NEW YEAR/NEW DECADE is a significant time to buy a new book and get yourself going for the decade! On this Top 12 Book Pick list, we've featured an array of authors who will inspire you. We urge you to support these spirited talents. Save this list year round & beyond! A great resource for you.
ZEN LOVE - Obsessive Traveler. Spiritual Seeker... how can someone like this choose to follow love and become an ordinary suburban PTA-parent? Ready to follow love instead of denying it. Wanting to resist, she can't. Joining a ready-made family needing nurturing, she comes to realize, is the path to Self-Love she'd always sought. teZa Lord's true story is riveting. Amazon.

ORANGES FOR EVE - Tamara Kolton was the rabbi at an unusual temple and she was keeping a secret. Raw. Daring. Healing. This is a personal story of self-discovery and the story of the most misunderstood woman in history: Eve. Far from being a sinner, Eve was a spiritual badass. You can be too. This book will show you how. Amazon.
LEAN ON: THE FIVE PILLARS OF SUPPORT FOR WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP - Andreas recognizes that gender roles today are shifting rapidly and need to adapt. Inside, you'll discover how you can run your family like a business and how to empower your spouse on their career path - all told through Andreas's unique experiences living with a female executive. Amazon.

UNSTOPPABLE TEENS: A PARENT AND TEEN GUIDE TO TEEN EMPOWERMENT, FULFILLMENT AND ACHIEVEMENT - International Bestseller! Dr. Kimberly offers this remarkable book as a practical guide to teens and parents. Her deep respect and understanding of teens shine throughout as she weaves story, neuroscience, action steps, and interactive exercises to equip teens with personal growth essentials for a purposeful, impactful, UNSTOPPABLE life! Amazon
REAL ESTATE INVESTING FOR WOMEN - Real estate investing is the safest, most consistent, and most proven way to build wealth, but it's not always a blissful experience. In this book we cover all the tools to build a holistic business that supports the joy in your life, including mindset, heartset, strategies, and much more to ensure your success. Amazon.

THE LAND OF PLENTY: A SOULPRENEUR'S GUIDE TO FINDING JOY, POSSIBILITY, AND ABUNDANCE THROUGH MONEY EMPOWERMENT - Author Carolynn Bottino shares her transformational money story and practical tips for creating joy and abundance with your money. You'll unlearn money beliefs that keep you in scarcity, how to take deliberate action creating abundance, and leave fear, shame, and guilt behind. Amazon.
GUIDED BY THE LIGHT - Michelle and Steve Handwerker. An inspiring memoir. The heir to Nathan's Famous legacy with a passion for the martial arts and spiritual development meets his beloved - an extraordinary young woman who was already living in an esoteric spiritual school. They came from two very different worlds and together they forge a unique spiritual journey. Amazon.

THE ANIMAL LEGACIES - #1 International Best Selling book in three countries, 18 categories...including #1 in 11 of them! This powerful, inspiring, and heart-warming anthology reminds us that the connection between humans and animals runs very deep. Be uplifted, inspired and encouraged by the powerful stories and important lessons animals have for all of us. Amazon.
DIMES FROM HEAVEN HOW COINS AND COINCIDENCES HELPED ME DISCOVER MY LIFE AS AN EMPATH - Monica, an educator for 30 years, shares the story of some dimes her Dad sent her after he transitioned to Spirit. While writing, she discovers she is an empath. Learn about signs from our loved ones and how Monica lives a healthy lifestyle as an empath. Amazon.
CHARMING IMPOSSIBLES: HOW ORDINARY ANGELS HELP FREE THE HOPELESSLY STUCK - In this revealing book, Susan E Foster shares lessons learned from surviving years of emotional abuse and isolation. Her story helps women and men understand the dark roots of how relationships turn toxic and the stages they go through. How do you escape the abusers in your life? Book pre-orders: Amazon.

DECADES OF GRATITUDE, GUSTO, GRIT & GRACE - AHA! Moments and the Ways They Shape and Shift Our Lives. Embark on a journey into the experience of growing through midlife and beyond. Minx Boren MCC shares inspirational stories with a purpose, inviting readers to discover their own wisdom and blessings and, from that perspective, enjoy richly meaningful, pleasurable, and fulfilling lives. Amazon.

7 LESSONS AT 70 - Perhaps you've climbed the career ladder and are wondering what's next. Or you have parents or friends facing retirement - questioning what life holds for them. If either fits, then this short, candid, inspiring book is a must read. Wine industry pioneer Susan Sokol Blosser tackles what it means to grow old with insight and compassion. Amazon.

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