The Spirited Woman
NEW YEAR/NEW DECADE It is so exciting to help start us off on a new year and a new decade. Wow. For those of you desiring new paths and adventures (which is all of us!), our Top 12 Pick List is filled with women visionaries who will help to inspire & motivate you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save this list! A great resource tool for you all year round & beyond.
NATALIA O'SULLIVAN - An internationally recognized healer, psychic, teacher, and author, Natalia is known for her work addressing the Divine Mother and how to heal our ancestral traumas and wounds through the mother line. To learn more about her work and the Sacred Healer retreats on Ancient and ancestral connections with the Celebrations of the Celtic calendar throughout the year. Go to

GINA DIAMOND, M.Ed. - is a compassionate and inspiring Master Health Coach and Author. She has helped thousands learn to love being in their body™ through nutrition, movement practices, and conscious living strategies. Her work was featured in the Seattle Times, on Progressive Talk, and at the Food Revolution Network. Former clients include The Port of Seattle, CoolMoms & Google.

ASHANA'S MUSIC - is heard by millions and offers an unparalleled fusion of artistic beauty and healing with the celestial sound of crystal bowls, helping to reduce chronic pain and stress, quiet the mind and amplify your relationship with your soul to accelerate spiritual awakening. Creator of the Crystal Bowl Mastery™️ program for healing practitioners, find Ashana on FB, IG and
KAREN ADAMSKI - is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, Artist and Teacher. By sharing with others how to break out of molds and walk in beauty on their own paths, Karen has helped hundreds of people understand the ease and simplicity of grounding and healing with vibration and energy. Visit: Buy Karen's crystals:
DR. KIMBERLY SCHEHRER - is a Teen Breakthrough Expert and education specialist. She counsels and nurtures teens to lead their lives according to their values, with an unstoppable mindset, so they can confidently achieve their dreams, get college ready, and feel empowered. Online courses, 1:1 coaching/counseling and group programs for teens.  FREE 30-minute session to address one of your teen's BIGGEST challenges.  
ALIGN, RELEASE, TRANSFORM - Alma Apodaca, coach · speaker · workshop facilitator is the Possibility Coach. She'll work with you to Deliberately Create Your Own Future.  Through her signature program, The ART of the Next Best Action™, women walk away with clarity of purpose, and a blueprint giving voice to your unique YOU!  Guaranteed to move from self-doubt to I GOT THIS! Linkedin.
ANNE SAGENDORPH-MOON - Do you want to bring your work to the world and yet struggle to be seen, heard or taken seriously? Want a message that inspires? Effective marketing natural to you? To make money your ally not your enemy? Want an authentic personal brand and style that clients find irresistible? Are you ready to change? You're invited.
MAURYA SULLIVAN, J.D. - is a Divorce Doula, working with women who are considering separation, or in the process of divorce. Maurya provides the emotional, practical, and strategic support you need at the most critical time, helping you take action with clarity and empowerment. Divorce can be painful. Maurya helps you navigate this process to achieve the very best outcome.
CHRISTINA MIGLINO - supports visionary women, entrepreneurs, healers and artists to call in their soul's mission, align with their divine gifts and birth their creative visions into the world. Christina is the Founder of The Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence and the CEO of Collaborations With Spirit. She is a Shamanic Guide, Energy Intuitive, and Conscious Channel of The3.
ELLEN ANNE SHAPIRO, PROSPERITY COACH - helps women clear confidence issues, money blocks and fears of visibility. Specializing in rapid results, she combines two 20+ year careers in business and finance (MBA/CPA), with coaching, energy work and women's empowerment. She is offering a free, personalized 20-minute "3-Step Recipe for Results" session to the Spirited Woman community. To book: Visit:

CAROLYNN BOTTINO - is an international best-selling author, speaker, and founder of the Money Empowerment Project®. After empowering more than 100 clients in her bookkeeping business, she discovered her passion helping soulpreneurs find joy around their money. Carolynn approaches money from a practical and holistic standpoint, with no judgement, helping you find abundance and transform your relationship with money.

NANCY STEVENS - PROFESSIONAL LIFE & HEALTH COACH - I work with busy women who feel they've lost touch with themselves and worry they are missing out on life. Together we dive deep into what's holding you back.The result? A truly empowered woman who lights up the world! Nancy hosts a radio show at and is a blogger at The Wellness Universe.

Every woman on this pick list has made a difference for women. If you would like to be featured or recommend another Spirited Woman for our next list, call Nancy @ 805-698-3555 or Our Top 12 Pick List logo is a symbol of recognition for inspiring and supporting other women.