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Hayden House of Healing is thrilled to announce that the new year is ushering a new phase of growth and development! Tally Hayden is now the new Advanced Higher Brain Living Facilitator for Milwaukee's AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center. As we know, Tally is a woman of many talents. While operating Hayden House, she utilized her powerful marketing skills for the past four years as a Community Outreach Director for various AWAKEN facilities. During that time she also pursued training in the unique Higher Brain Living technique. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ promotes a movement of energy from the lower survival brain to the higher evolved part of the brain so a person can thrive in all areas of their life. Tally has expanded her purpose, followed her passion, and now has her own AWAKEN center! See opportunities below to learn from Tally in her new role.


This marks a new era, not the end of Hayden House of Healing. Tally has brought on two remarkable wellness experts who are proud to carry on the Hayden House name. Dawn Sullivan is here to handle all your essential oil questions/orders and will be facilitating the nourishing Raindrop Technique for Hayden House. Dawn, owner of New Way to Wellness LLC and known as "Oily Dawn", has seen firsthand what dis-ease can do to our body. With all the knowledge she has acquired, it is her passion to help everyone gain a New Way to Wellness. Contact her at dawn@newwaytowellness.com or 262.565.7014.


Mary Prescott is here to help you to release those extra pounds with the highly successful Rejuvenation program. She'll handle any weight release questions/product orders you may have. Mary provides positive wellness coaching and weight release programs that take you from functional to fantastic. For a free consultation contact her at meprescott1@gmail.com or 920.728.2411(direct).


Happy New Year Everyone and thank you for all your continued support throughout the years! We are looking forward to many more successful years with you!



"The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today,  

in every little way you possibly can." 

- Mike Dooley 
















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Let go of the Pesky "Extras"
Family First Aid
Happy Higher Brain Year
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Release the physical baggage
Release More Than Last
Year's Worries  
This detox lets go of the physical baggage.

Saturday, January 12, 11:00am  Germantown, WI 
A new year often signifies a fresh start. It's a time to learn from the past and let go. Some of those things that need to be released are the physical "extras" we picked up during the year. The Rejuvenation 21 Program focuses on helping the body purge toxins it has accumulated by balancing and detoxifying the hypothalamus. It's a gland located in the brain that controls metabolism. As a result, the body releases excess weight. This is more than just a "quick fix."

It's Tally Hayden's last natural health event that she will be personally hosting, so come out to hear her explain the process and benefits of the Rejuvenation 21 Program. Also meet Mary Prescott, Hayden House's new coach for Rejuvenation 21. She will be presenting with Tally. There will be an amazing deal provided to all who attend.  Embrace the new: learn how to strive toward optimal health, release the pesky "extras".

Family First Aid
Family First Aid - Young Living Essential Oils  
What do you do for bumps and bruises?

Saturday, Jan. 12, 1:00pm Germantown, WI
What Young Living Essential Oils do YOU have on hand for life's little emergencies? If you are tired of dealing with a medicine cabinet full of pills and potions with many side effects and/or constant COSTLY prescriptions just for everyday issues then you will be so excited to find out about a wonderful, natural, pleasant and very fragrant alternative... essential oils.

Join our Family First Aid Class and find out the answers to these questions and so much more. Find out what oils you should never leave home without and which oils are just perfect for those everyday occurrences that need a good dose of TLC. This is a wonderful chance for all to learn how to apply oils and how to pick the right one when life's little accidents occur.

Click here to learn more.  

Happy Higher Brain Year
Happy Higher Brain Year!

Thursday, Jan. 17, 6:30pm Milwaukee, WI or
Sunday, Jan. 20, 1:00pm Germantown, WI 
The higher brain, also referred to as the prefrontal cortex, is a vital part of our existence that mostly remains dormant. It affects our creativity, cognitive processes, key aspects of our personality and so much more, yet daily we access such a small part of it. Time to change that. This year we're going to celebrate the higher brain and unleash its power! Let Tally Hayden introduce you to the Higher Brain Living technique that stimulates the prefrontal cortex which opens you up to the best of yourself. Higher Brain Living clients have experienced increased focus, clarity, ambition, peace, happiness, and enthusiasm. They utilize their enhanced thinking to narrow in on their purpose and then burst forth in fulfilling it. This could be your higher brain year! For each person that attends, a $10 donation will be given towards the Feronia Wellness Organization.
Click here for event details
Feronia Wellness Center Logo
Feronia Wellness Center 
Feronia Wellness Center created and founded by Deborah Lighthart is a community based holistic health facility in Germantown, WI featuring the most effective products and services that benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Their mission is to help you explore the world of alternative health in an educational, enjoyable, and affordable atmosphere. The Feronia community provides everything from acupuncture to energy healing and supports local and fair trade providers. Visit their website to see all they have to offer..
$75 Deal for the month of January for Rejuvenation 21

For the month of January when you sign up for the
Rejuvenation 21 Program you will receive $75 off.
Join the many who have released a half a pound to a pound a day!
Rejuvenation 21 testimonial  


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Hayden House of Healing's passion is to shift the world in awareness of personal growth and connect you to a higher consciousness of well be-ing resources.

Our wellness team will inspire you with education on how to honor your body and nourish your emotions to teach you that nature and earth feeds the temple.



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