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Vendor of the Month
AutofixSOS is a repair shop coach focused on saving shops. With over 30 years in the industry, Chris Cotton offers service advisor coaching, one-on-one coaching, repair shop management, and service advisor training.
Congrats AutofixSOS!
Member of the Month
Wendell Tire Inc.
Wendell Tire is your one stop shop! Whether you need tires, an oil change, brake repair, or anything else, they have you covered! Wendell has been open since 1956 in Wendell, NC and owned and operated by the Ayscue family since 1990! Congratulations Wendell Tire!
January News
Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone
By: Stan Creech, IGO President
Step out of your comfort one and try something new in your shop today.

The adage “Keep doing the same thing, expect different results” is very true in every shop. It’s so easy to sit back on cruise control and let business take care of itself. In some shops, it may work for a while....
Apprentices For Hire
We have had more interest in the apprentice program than ever before! Let’s not let COVID get in the way, sign up to be a host today! For most shops, students under 18 are covered by the high school automotive program’s workers comp. If you have any questions, reach out to us or your insurance agent. If you need help paying the apprentice, let us know and we can figure out a way to help.
AASP/MA Comments on Massachusetts Right to Repair Lawsuit

The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Massachusetts (AASP/MA) shares the following official statement...
IGONC Tireside Chat: Setting Your Business Goals for 2021
By: Chasidy Sisk
Preparing for the new year is important for all collision repair business owners, and during a Dec. 15 Tireside Chat, the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) discussed “Setting Your Business Goals for 2021.”
You can now use Yelp to report businesses that aren’t enforcing social distancing and mask use

Businesses that do not enforce social distancing or require their employees to wear masks can now be reported in a new Yelp update that launched Tuesday.
U.S. Congress Passes Economic Relief Legislation with 2nd PPP Included in the Bill

The U.S. Congress passed the $900 billion COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Relief Act on December 22.
Make sure your shop is accident free in 2021 and get Lift Certified today! For just $25 and less than an hour of training, you can ensure and document a safer shop from the Automotive Lift Institute.
*This offer is available for IGO Members Only.* Email with questions.
Missed some events? Recap here!
Western Chapter Meeting
For our monthly meeting, we were joined by Rick White of 180Biz to discuss the importance of onboarding new employee hires.
S Piedmont Chapter Meeting:
At this month's chapter meeting, we discussed the importance and value of maintaining a relationship between shop owner and vendor.
Tireside Chat
December's topic was goal setting for the new year. It is important to recap how your shop did and see what areas need to be focused on for 2021. How are you preparing for this year?
ADAS Training Series: Part 3
In part 3 of our 7 part bimonthly ADAS Training Series, we discussed ADAS Systems and Sensors. Catch up on all ADAS Training Series webinars by emailing
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Upcoming Events
Financial Literacy 101 with Hunt Demarest of Paar Melis
January 19, 6:30-7:30PM EST
Join us as Hunt Demarest of Paar, Melis and Associates goes through the importance of financial literacy as shop owner. He will discuss details of situating your financials correctly, how to read key numbers, and how to use this information to ensure your auto repair shop is reaching its full financial potential. Join us for this free event!
10 Proven Marketing Methods
January 20, 12PM-1PM EST
Join us as Kukui's Jimmy Lea discusses 10 proven marketing methods! Learn 10 proven marketing methods regardless of the Point of Sale System you utilize. Proven methods you can implement immediately in marketing your shop's superior services. Register now for a Levity lunch learning experience. Free and open to all!
Tireside Chat: Employee Benefits
January 21, 7-8PM EST
Join us for our monthly Tireside chat: an open forum discussion aimed at improving the automotive industry by discussing industry specific topics. This month's topic is employee benefits, hosted by Benjie Burris, Owner of Frog Pond Performance. Free and open to all.
ADAS Training Series - Part 4
Introduction to Calibrations
January 27, 6:30-7:30PM EST
Join us for our bi-monthly ADAS Training Series. This week we will be discussing Calibrations and the following:
  • How to ID a vehicle with ADAS
  • What is an ADAS calibration?
  • When is an ADAS calibration necessary
  • Static vs. dynamic calibration
  • Where is the industry heading?
Open to all. Register to receive the link to join!
Triangle Chapter Meeting
February 2, 6:30PM EST
Join us for our February Triangle Chapter meeting where we will be discussing Facebook and how to properly utilize it for your shop. Free and open to all!
Kukui Presents: Two Proven Bay Fillers. February 4, 12PM EST
Join us for a lunch and learn with Kukui's Jimmy Lea! We will be discussing two proven bay fillers: the short play and the long play. This event is free and open to all!
ADAS Training Series - Part 5
February 10, 6:30PM EST
Join us for our bi-monthly ADAS Training Series. This week we will be discussing ADAS Best Practices
  • Preparing your shop for ADAS calibrations
  • ADAS calibration technician skill set
  • Vehicle preconditioning
  • Proper documentation of ADAS calibrations
This event is free and open to all!
For a full list of our upcoming events, visit our website!
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