Well by now you are all partied out and well on your way to putting your new years resolutions in to effect. We are hoping you can help us with one of ours, Educating the people that don't understand how solar PV works.

The Christmas Party Argument
You may have over this Christmas period had the misfortune to have that extend and circular conversation with a person or persons about how solar PV systems don't work.

Unfortunately, due to the power of the internet, these conversations are often based on a collection of opinions rather than researched fact. This tends to lead to high levels of frustrations with both parties and a stalemate.

So to help this newsletter provides the step by step guide as to how the systems work.

Then if you wish, you simply forward this newsletter on to you friend, so for the next Christmas party the air has been cleared and you can enjoy the festive cheer together.

Dear Friend
Please take the time to read this newsletter. Whether or not you may be interested in solar PV we are sure you are the kind of person that likes to be informed on subjects they wish to discuss with their friends, family and colleagues.

This newsletter is as non-technical as possible. If however you would like further information or advice, please feel free to email your questions.

Youtube Channel
How solar PV works
How solar PV works
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The easiest way to get an understanding of how the solar PV system works is to view the YouTube clip above. It takes you through the basics of how the system works and how it generates an income.

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