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New Year...New You!
Welcome to 2017!  Let's start off the New Year right with learning about how to set achievable goals.  It may seem like second nature but there are certainly ways that can help you attain those goals throughout the year and make them a long term success!

Setting SMART Goals

Follow a simple acronym known as S.M.A.R.T. to achieve the best results from your 2017 goals. 

S - Specific. Goals need a specific activity to work best, such as weight loss or exercise. 

M - Measurable. An activity that can be measured (i.e. a set amount of pounds lost) tend to stick more than blanket terms like, "I want to lose weight". 

A - Achievable. Make sure your goal is something you can complete. Don't set out to run the NY Marathon if you've never attempted a 5K before. 

R - Relevant. Is your goal relevant to your lifestyle currently? This will stick more in your life. 

T - Time oriented. Avoid not giving yourself an end date to your goal. Set a date and stick to that time line. 

Goal setting is something most people do but few do correctly. Follow the SMART principle and watch as 2017 is your best year yet!

Remind Yourself

How many people do you know that set a goal on January 1st and completely forget about it by February? This is common, as most New Years resolutions are abandoned by the end of the first month of the year. Two ways to avoid this are: 

  • Set a daily reminder on your phone. Simple messages work best that get sent to your phone every day to remind you of your goal.
  • Write it down. Keep a note in your wallet or purse or a simple post-it above the door on your way out of the house to keep you on task.

The Stats
  • 75% of resolutions will make it past the first week of January. 
  • 46% make it to the 6 month mark.
  • Age is a factor with 39% of people in their 20s remaining focused on their goal. 
  •  That number drops almost 10% per 10 years of age.

How To Spot A Bad Challenge

It seems like you can't even go online without seeing an advertisement for or someone you know participating in a fitness or nutrition challenge. It's great that people are trying to get healthy and promoting others to do the same but too many of these challenges are terrible. Let's take a look and see how we can spot a good challenge from a bad one. 

Bad Challenges 
  • It's extremely limiting, like the cabbage soup diet. Of course you can fill up on cabbage water all you want for 30 days and lose weight. How does that promote a healthy lifestyle in the future? 
  • They try to sell you something. If the challenge tells you that it only works if you take their specific product, it's not worth your time. 
  • They don't set you up for long term success. These challenges are designed for 30 days and that is it. They don't address what happens after that. 
Good Challenges 
  • Teach long term habits, like the one meal per day challenge. This involves swapping one meal out per day for a healthier option. 
  • They help in forming a habit. It's known that doing something for 30 days straight can help it become a habit. Start with doing something physically active for 10 minutes a day for 30 days and watch the new habit of exercise form. 

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