January 2021 Newsletter
Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter of 2021! We hope your 2021 is starting off well..and continues throughout the year.

Update on inbound shipments: It seems that the frustrations of 2020 are spilling over into 2021 in the area of shipping logistics. The "nationwide shortage of rail cars", as we've been told, is causing extreme delays at various ports of entry. Our pending arrival shipment, containing the DC Seagrave Pumpers and Mack B-81s, has been stalled in the Port of LA since December 15th and our forwarder is unable to give us a timeline on when it will transition to it's rail journey to Memphis. I would ask our customers to be patient during this time

In addition, it seems all of our US Postal Service shipments to Canada, dating back as early as December 5th, have been sitting in Miami with no movement. Unfortunately this time of the year is always frustrating when dealing with USPS, but the delay this particular year is off the charts. A special thank you to all of our Canadian customers for your patience as your packages eventually begin moving again.

Each year, our first quarter releases are scaled back as we enter into our slow time. We'll resume our pace of weekly new releases in April. However, this month we will be releasing our very first replicas for Baltimore-Washington International, 3 beautiful Oshkosh 6x6 Strikers. In addition, the next series of FDNY Tower Ladders will be available to order on January 29th.

Read on for updates on best sellers, low stocks, new and pending arrivals, new releases and more.

And as always, thank you for being part of the elite group of Fire Replicas collectors.

December's best seller...
In times like these, a crystal ball would be handy. The FDNY Mack MR Satellites sold out within 12 hours on December 22nd and we sure wish we would have set production a bit higher. But, all the more collectible they shall be! If you were one of the lucky ones, look for yours to arrive later next month.
Runner up...
The Mack R tandem axle tractor with 50-ton winch deserves honorable mention this month as it is officially our most popular vintage trucking release to date! Sitting high on 12/24's, this is an impressive rig. A small number of three colors are still available to order and they arrive in late February.
Just Arrived...
Five new FDNY Seagrave Tillers were released on Black Friday and are all nearly sold out. Each of the remaining TDA's is limited to 75 units and are in stock now. See all FDNY Tillers >
Arriving Next...
The Seagrave Capitol Pumpers for DC Fire & EMS are scheduled to arrive next. But unfortunately, due to the nationwide rail car shortage, they have been stuck in the port of LA since December 15th. We appreciate your patience! Engines 15 and 30 are down to 4 units each and the others are not far behind on their respective paths towards sellout. See the DC Engines >
The Mack B-81, our first in a series of Mack releases, is arriving together with the DC pumpers. Although the share the same delay, we're still hopeful that they will arrive later this month. 3 of the 6 colors are sold out, with only a handful remaining of the others.
NEXT UP...accepting orders 1/15
Baltimore-Washington International Rescues
A limited production of BWI Rescues 431, 432 and 435 will be released on January 15th. These are our first releases for Baltimore-Washington and are sure to sell quickly. Mark your calendar...these 6x6 Strikers are beautiful!

Releasing on January 29th...
All new FDNY Tower Ladders
The 2021 releases of the Seagrave 75' Tower Ladders will be for Ladder 1, 18, 79, 105 and 157. Production is limited to between 50 and 75 of each Ladder Company so we do not expect them to hang around for too long. Once sold out, they will not be reproduced.

Extremely low stock items...
Shop Ebay for hard to find items
Alliance scale models has some "sold out" Fire Replicas in case you missed out...including Massport Engine 3, FDNY ALF 36 and more!

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