Harnessing the Energy of New Hope

Welcoming New Possibilities and Adventures in 2023!

We are finding many wonderful things to celebrate in the new year; including the birth of our 1,000th Snowflakes Baby! Taking time to reflect on milestones and joy-filled occasions helps us remember there is still good in this world.

Often difficult times drive us back to a hopeful place. A different kind of hope. A hope that doesn't depend on our circumstances, one that lifts us back to optimism.

The Snowflakes program is based in hope. As we continue to help both placing and adopting families in 2023 we want you to be encouraged and spurred on to love and good works.

Young Mr. Dalton is

Snowflakes baby #1,000

On December 23, 2022 Dalton became the 1,000th Snowflakes baby to be born - quickly followed by his twin sister Mary Elizabeth #1,001.

In celebration of Snowflakes Baby 1,000, we have created a Facebook group for the Snowflakes Community. This is a place to build community and ask questions! This group is for families who have adopted or donated through the Snowflakes, but also for those who are just interested in learning more about the Snowflakes experience.

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Am I Ready For Embryo Adoption In The New Year?

As the year winds to a close, I thought I’d take a moment to speak to those of you who might be considering embryo adoption.

Full disclosure: If this isn’t you, feel free to go put away your Christmas decorations or revisit your New Year’s party plan. Or keep reading, just know this one might be a little specific for your interests!

I often tell people that my book, “Frozen, But Not Forgotten,” is the guide I wish Julie and I could have referenced as we began our embryo adoption journey. I had all kinds of questions back then, among them:

Keep reading to see if embryo adoption is your 2023 adventure!

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Get your pressing questions answered at this LIVE webinar session. We'll have a brief program overview. Determine if you will move forward with Snowflakes in 2023.

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Snowflakes Embryo Donation & Adoption


A Christmastime blizzard of babies

Welcome to the Snowflakes Family


P & M welcomed their daughter McKenna #992

S & M welcomed their son Samuel #993

A & M welcomed their daughter Alianora #994

E & M welcomed their daughter Lottie #995

C & C welcomed daughter A and son B #996 & #997

M & N welcomed son Jackson and daughter Mya #998 & #999

R & M welcomed son Dalton and daughter Mary Elizabeth #1000 & #1001

N & K welcomed son Grant and daughter Chloe #1002 & #1003

Swaddled and tucked in, Samuel is peacefully dreaming

"Mmmm...loving my tasty finger", says Alianora

Such a big yawn for such a little one!

Welcome to the world, Snowflakes babies 1,000 and 1,001!

Grant and Chloe are off to a good start sleeping at the same time!

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