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2019 Special Edition of the Newsletter
Presidents Address

Deb Kilty, RI Chapter President

Happy New Year Rhode Island Chapter!!   
Welcome to a special New Year's Edition of your chapter newsletter.  We're excited to send out this New Year's edition with information that just couldn't wait until the regularly scheduled April newsletter.  
The Rhode Island Crisis Massage Team has opened registration for their 2019 Initial Training for new volunteers! (see ad further in this newsletter for details) The Rhode Island Crisis Massage Team is such a wonderful way to volunteer your time to give back to the amazing first responders in our state, I'm a volunteer with them myself!
The Annual AMTA Rhode Island General Member Meeting is being held on Sunday, March 10, 2019, you don't want to miss it! Elections will be held for Financial Administrator, Board Member and Delegate to the AOD.  This is your chance to have your voice heard by coming out and voting or better yet run for a position.  We will also have 3 free continuing education credits for AMTA members from the World Skin Project, with beach season right around the corner it's so important for massage therapists to be aware of, and how to identify skin anomalies on our clients. (more information later in this edition)
The AMTA Connecticut Chapter is having their annual conference April 25-28, 2019.  Check out their website for full details https://amtactchapter.org/event/conference/
I'd like to thank the coalition that came together to work on proposed amendments to revise the Rhode Island Massage Therapists licensing act.  There were members from the AMTA Rhode Island Chapter and ABMP.  We came together on several occasions to work on making our practice act clearer and more concise and to clearly define the scope of practice of massage therapy in our state.  Next step will be to work with the lobbyist who will help us to get these amendments passed in the Rhode Island House and Senate.  
This looks to be a very exciting year here in little Rhody! I hope to see many of you at the annual meeting on Sunday, March 10, 2019!  I look forward to meeting some of our newly licensed therapists, this is a great day to meet other therapists and network with your community!
Congratulations Frank Rapone on your  induction into the Boston Athletics Association volunteer Hall of Fame for volunteering over 15 year at the Boston Marathon.  If you would like to volunteer, the application is at BAA.org. It is a great experience!

Measuring Progress in Your Clients

"I'm better!" my client stated after I asked him how he was doing. "Much better."

"Really?" I inquired. "How do you know?"

He looked at me incredulously, then realized I was serious. "How is it that you really know you're better?"

"I know I'm better because I've been so much more active in the last five days. I cleaned the garage and worked on straightening up the basement, neither of which have been possible in the last month. I couldn't have lifted boxes and moved things around without suffering the consequences the next day. I was a little bit sore, but that's it. That is a significant improvement from how it has been in the past."

"I guess you really are better," I teased, as we shared this little victory together.

There is an important lesson in this conversation and it revolves around how we measure improvement with regard to musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. In the past, it has been common to ask people to report their level of pain on a 1-10 scale, called the verbal reporting scale. This effort is fraught with problems, with two main issues that make the scale often unreliable.

First, what is your reference point on this scale?  I've had people tell me their pain is an eight, but they have been quite active, with very little impact in their daily life. That hardly fits the description of an eight. In addition, I would posit that if you have never had a kidney stone, you don't really know what a 10 is! To use a scale of any sort, you need a reference point around which to calibrate.

Secondly, the present experience of pain is not always the best indicator of improvement in the larger sense. Pain levels fluctuate significantly for a host of reasons. Is this really the best reflection of a longer trend? One way to think about this is comparing pain to tiredness after activity. When I first started serious cycling, I was tired after a ten-mile ride. Now, I get tired after a fifty-mile ride. In both cases, if you asked me whether I was tired, the answer is yes. Obviously, that isn't the whole story; there is an enormous difference between a ten-mile ride and a fifty-mile ride. Tiredness isn't the best way to measure improvement.

To that end, I'd like to introduce you to a new pain scale that uses function as an additional reference point. A seven on this scale means that the pain is the focus of my attention and it causes me to avoid many of my normal daily activities. This is much more understandable to everyone concerned. In my clinic, we have these scales printed and laminated in every room. My massage therapy staff and our clients have really appreciated this resource. I invite you to do the same. Read further about this scale in a blog post I wrote for the Massage Therapy Foundation. At the end of the post, there is a downloadable .pdf you can print and use in your practice. This is just one of the many resources available to you from the Massage Therapy Foundation. Explore them fully at www.massagetherapyfoundation.org

Douglas Nelson, LMT, BCTMB
President, Massage Therapy Foundation

Upcoming Sporting Events
Volunteers needed!

Boston Marathon Monday April 15
RI Special Olympics - June 1
RI MS150 Saturday June 8
Save the Bay Swim Saturday July 27
Operation Stand Down - September 13-14

Contact Larry lgallagher22@verizon.net
In This Issue
Board of Directors:
Debbie Kilty

Regina Cobb
Board Member

Victoria Moutahir
Board Member

Kimberly Medeiros (Gregorzek)

Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator
Cassie Rawcliffe
Roy Kenji Omori
Financial Administrator

Jennifer Wilkicki
Membership Chairperson
Volunteer Coordinator

Claudia Botthof

Kim Cook
Interim Education Chairperson
Website Chair

Larry Gallagher
Sports Massage Chairperson

Angela Perry-Place
Twitter Administrator/Social Media Chair

Kim Gregorzek-Medeiros
Membership Committee: Senior members contact

Ellen Field
Newsletter Editor

Michelle Souza

Pat Bacchus

Upcoming Meeting Dates

All AMTA-RI Chapter Board Meetings are
open to the public.

The following is a list of dates and times of upcoming board meetings:

February 13, 2019
March 10, 2019 Annual General Members Meeting

Times and dates are subject to change.
Please contact our Secretary
Kimberly Medeiros  
at (860) 617-1546 or via email
at AMTA.RIsecretary@gmail.com
prior to any meeting for
confirmation on date, time and location.

Check in the next newsletter or on our website for future meeting dates.

Membership Benefits

AMTA Offers the Strongest Benefits in the Profession!

From education to award-winning publications to broad liability insurance, AMTA membership gives you the tools you need to grow and thrive in the massage therapy profession.

In fact, 100 percent of your membership dues are invested back into you in the form of benefits and advocacy for the profession.

Questions? Call 1-877-905-0577 during business hours or email us.

March 10, 2019
AMTA RI Chapter General Member Meeting is happening!
Sunday, March 10, 2019 the AMTA RI Chapter will be holding the annual General Member Meeting with Elections!
This is the time to have your voice be heard and your vote counted!
The following positions will be voted on at this meeting: Chapter Financial Administrator, Chapter Board Member and Representative to the Assembly of Delegates.
Abbreviated position descriptions are available below.
Chapter Financial Administrator:
Purpose: The Chapter Financial Administrator supports the financial operations of the Chapter.
Eligibility: In addition to being a Professional member in good standing, and signing the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct, she/he must meet one or more of the following requirements:
  1. Completed one term year as a Chapter Board member within the last three years.
  2.  Completed one term year as a Chapter committee chair or member, within the last two years.
  3. Completed one term year as a National Board member, National Standing Committee Chair or National Standing Committee member within the last two years.
Term of Office: The Chapter Financial Administrator is elected every odd year for a term of two (2) years or until a successor is elected.
Chapter Board Member:
Purpose: Chapter Board Member will assist the Chapter President in achieving Chapter goals and implementing decisions made by the Chapter Board.
Eligibility : In addition to being a Professional member in good standing and signing the Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct, she/he must meet the following requirement:
      1. Completed one year of AMTA membership

Term of Office : One Chapter Board Member shall be elected every odd year for a term of two years or until a successor is elected. One Chapter Board Member shall be elected every even year for a term of two years or until a successor is elected.

Delegate to the Assembly of Delegates (AOD):
Purpose : Delegate represents the massage therapy profession in the AOD and related activities as they pertain to the profession in their state.
While not an eligibility requirement, the Delegate position should not be considered as an "entry level" volunteer position. Applicants for the position of Delegate should be encouraged to consider the following questions when choosing to become a candidate for the position.
1. What is the context of health and wellness in my state?
2. What are the things that are impacting massage therapy in my state? (including but not limited to):
a. Education requirements
b. Regulation
c. Continuing education
d. Cultural issues
e. Socio-economics
f. Diversity
g. Employment practices

      1.  Must be a professional member in good standing for at least 1 year
      2. Must be assigned to the Chapter they are elected to serve
      3. Must have a basic understanding of technology (e.g. email, online discussion                    boards, mobile applications)
      4. Must sign the AMTA Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct and AOD Code of                       Conduct.
      5. Shall not be an AMTA National Board member, National Standing Committee                      Chair, National Commission Chair, or the Moderator of the Assembly of Delegates.

Term of Office: The Delegate shall serve a term of office of two years, beginning at the same time as  chapter officers' terms and shall be elected in alternating years. The delegate shall serve  no more than three consecutive elected terms.
If you are interested in running for one of the positions that will be available on March 10, 2019 please see the complete position description on our website; http://ri.amtamassage.org/. Or contact Deb Kilty at debbiekilty@yahoo.com for more information.
As always lunch will be provided for free to all amta members*
And 3 Free* Continuing Education Units will be available.

The Continuing Education will be provided by The World Skin Project.
The World Skin Project is the only self-sustaining international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of skin cancer awareness with a focus on education for massage therapists, massage therapy students and other body-work professionals around the globe.
The World Skin Project uses a unique, physician approved curriculum to conduct dynamic, interactive workshops to educate massage therapists, spa, and skin-care professionals internationally to reduce the occurrence of skin cancer through the promotion of early detection, prevention and awareness.

*$25 fee for non-amta members to attend payable by check at the door. Checks are to be made out to "amta ri chapter"

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