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Taoist Massage

 Taoist Orgasmic Massage for Men

We will be running more Taoist Orgasmic Massage workshops in 2014. If you are interested, please email us at to be notified of upcoming workshops.


Whether you are a gay, bi or straight man, it is extremely important to be able to experience closeness and intimacy with other men. The possibilities of genuine closeness and intimacy between men in our culture are very rare, even in gay friendly spaces.


This one day technique workshop  and will give you the opportunity to learn:

  • to understand why breath is so important to us as sexual beings and why it is such an important part of the Tantra and Taoist teachings
  • how to breath more effectively
  • techniques and practices in an erotic massage that will enhance your experience of eroticism
  • to go more deeply into the experience of sensuality and ecstasy
  • how to express what you like and how you like to be touched
  • to gain confidence stepping into your erotic power through massage
  • to experience giving and receiving enhanced erotic massage and touch in a safe, supportive environment where your well being is genuinely cared for.
  • to experience the Taoist - Big Draw or holistic orgasm.

Our goal in this workshop to create a space which is relaxed, sensual and offer the opportunity to experience the healing energies of tantra, taoist and other spiritual and mystical traditions.


Couples: We welcome and support couples who wish to participate in the workshop. The structure of the workshop involves working with other participants during the day. If you would prefer to work exclusively as a couple during the day, can you please discuss this with us in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Weekly Classes      

Classes resume from Saturday 11 January 2014.


Regular weekly classes are held at our Princes Highway Studio on:

  • Wednesday 7.30pm
  • Saturday 9.15am
  • Sunday 6.00pm

No bookings are necessary for regular classes - just turn up.  

Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

I am often asked - How do I clean my yoga mat?. Here are a few helpful tips:


Washing your mat in the washing machine is not recommended.


Place the mat in a bath with warm water and a few caps of white vinegar. Give it a good soak and move it around to help remove the sweat, body oils and dirt. Hang it on the clothesline to thoroughly dry (sunlight is also a great germ killer).


Do not use detergents (even if they are environmentally friendly) as they tend to be absorbed into the mat making it slippery the next time you use it.


If you don't have a bath, make a cleaning solution with water and white vinegar (equal parts), or water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Vinegar and tea tree oil contain ant-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Spray and wipe down your mat with a soft cloth or paper towel. This can be done after each time you use your mat. 




Revelwood B&B Homestay


Revelwood B&B-homestay is a beautiful 20-acre property set in the rolling hills of the Byron Bay hinterland, just 3.5km from the gorgeous Northern NSW town of Bangalow.


Nestled in subtropical rainforest, and perched on the banks of crystal clear Byron Creek, Revelwood Retreat is an idyllic, peaceful and private country getaway.


The Naked Barber


Sydney Sunboys 

 Sunboys is a male only nudist group based in Sydney, Australia. They welcome friendly dudes over 18 (gay, bi or curious) for social events in and around Sydney.

Holiday/Weekend/Midweek Accomodation
Escape the City ...

Mannering Hideaway is a stylish 1 bedroom apartment nestled in a very quiet part of glorious Lake Macquarie. The home is beautifully situated for you to take advantage all that Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast have to offer.


It is also a short 10 minute drive to the beautiful clothing optional Birdie Beach.


Just 90 minutes from Sydney CBD and 50 minutes from the start of the F3 freeway, you are well placed for a perfect mid week escape, a romantic getaway or a great place to catch up with friends.


For further information or bookings check out:



Special Offer for NYS members; Mention the NYS Newsletter and receive a 10% discount on the advertised rate.

Issue: # 8January 2014
Reverse Warrior

Happy Nude Year!!This time of year reminds us of renewal and of new commitments. Often we make New Years resolutions with the best of intentions, but by February the routine of work, family and life just seems to get in the way and normality takes over.


Maybe your resolution is to treat yourself to a movie each week, get to the gym more, to connect with that special friend more regularly or to get to naked yoga on a regular basis. In the era of being connected 24/7, it is usually the things that we do for ourselves that are the first to be sacrificed when work, family or life demands our attention. This occurs because we let it occur.

One way is to use your smartphone to 'book' time for yourself in the calendar, just like you would for an important appointment, event, business presentation or meeting. Unless something comes up that is an emergency and can not be dealt withlater, then your response is - "I'm sorry I'm busy at that time. I have another appointment"
We don't need to wait until 1 January to make our resolutions. Every day is a new day to be celebrated. I'd encourage you to read the article in this newsletter 'Yoga Changes Things' and then to take a moment to reflect on it and to think about how yoga can help you.

Regular naked yoga classes are held on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, Saturdays at 9.15am and Sundays at 6.00pm. Classes resume from Saturday 11 January 2014


I look forward to sharing a class with you soon :-)


A reminder that we have a new email address Please update your contact list and also add it to your 'safe' list to avoid emails getting lost with the junk.

If you need to update your email address, there is an '�pdateProfile/Email Address' at the bottom of the newsletter. 


       Yoga Changes Things      

I recently saw this article in and it reminded me of some of the reasons why I started teaching yoga - firstly to share my love and passion for yoga and secondly to help students find balance in their lives so that they might achieve their goals and dreams. My yoga practice has been and is an amazing journey and it is a privilege to be able to share your journey with you as well. Sometimes we just need to accept that the seemingly impossible is possible.


Yoga Changes Things - Sherry Zak Morris


Seeing someone achieve a goal or dream uplifts the spirit of not only the doer, but also the observer. As a yoga teacher, I get a front row seat in the process of "dream unfolding."


What does this have to do with yoga? Can bending, stretching and breathing make dreams come true? Now, that sounds far-fetched, you might say, and even a bit "woo-woo" out there.


But, what if you were to look at your yoga practice as a partner as you change and work toward your goals?


Your practice teaches you about dedication and the importance of showing up, even when you don't feel like it. Your yoga practice gives you the compassion you need to ease up on yourself when you are not feeling at your best. And yoga gives you that pinpoint focus to help you dream, create, reflect and enjoy your life.


If there is something you want to change in yourself-be it losing weight or finding a new career or passion-then simply try keeping up with your yoga practice and watch what unfolds!


Thursday 30 January 2014

7.45pm - 9.15pm



 "A Touch more Tantric" celebrates sensuality and sexuality through more partner work, massage and
touch than we normally do in a regular class.   


Bookings are essential for TMT classes, so if you would like to book a place contact Steve on 0407 281 433 or at


  **Note: These classes will not be held in our usual Princes Highway studio. Details of the venue will be provided at the time of booking. 


For further details on the TMT Classes or to book a place, please email Steve at or on 0407 281 433

       5 reasons why you'll love naked yoga?       

Extract of an article by Jennifer Kries at 


1. It Honors the Body and Encourages Positive Body Image

Naked yoga helps you discover an entirely new way of looking at your own body, inspiring you to take pride and pleasure in your unique physique and capabilities. It teaches you to embrace your imperfections and open your heart to yourself and to the world with courage and confidence. For people who suffer from low self-esteem and poor body image, when they practice without clothing in a safe, nurturing environment, they come to appreciate their bodies and understand that their feelings of shame are not their own, but a kind of inherited mind-state that comes as a result of societal judgments. Naked yoga helps anyone who wishes to be free of the emotional shackles that prevent us from celebrating all that we are, and all that we can be.

2. It Furthers the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Well-crafted naked yoga practices remove any sense of restriction from clothing, promoting a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and an enhanced appreciation for the body. Seeing and feeling the body as it stretches and moves from one pose to the next results in a more mindful, sensual and connected practice. And when we are connected to ourselves, we are able to cultivate an inner awareness that leads us to a place where we can transcend earthly concerns and embrace a higher consciousness. Also, when we consider the role that clothing has played in society, it seems to be in direct opposition to the spirit of yoga, which speaks to "oneness" and union. By design, clothing reminds us of our differences, and serves as a distraction that leads us away from a central yogic principal: the commonality of all living things, which inspires peace, compassion and dedication to spirit.

3. It Has Innumerable Health Benefits

Aside from the well-known physiological benefits from practicing yoga, stress reduction, increased energy, enhanced overall strength, stamina and flexibility, improved respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and brain function, naked yoga practitioners experience greater self-acceptance, appreciation and self-actualization. Feeling good psychologically is a powerful immune-booster, and everyone knows that when we feel better mentally, we feel better physically as well. Naked yoga allows people to experience freedom from inhibitions, opinions of others and any shame about the body, which can lead to low energy and poor health. As you learn to love and respect yourself, negativity burns away and any of the physical repercussions from harboring or holding toxic emotions get resolved. The body, mind and spirit unite and heal, and you feel deeply energized, vital and calm.

4. It's Genuinely Sexy

While naked yoga in its true form has little to do with society's preconceived notions of sex or eroticism, make no mistake: naked yoga is sexy. It's the sort of sexy that comes from inside, when someone feels authentically connected, confident, and alive. Naked yoga gives people permission to feel joyful and radiant, at home in their own skin, blissfully unselfconscious and aware. It encourages practitioners to claim their birthright: freedom and happiness, and to uncover their most primal, powerful, sacred, sensual, integrated, original selves. And that's truly sexy.

5. It Makes the World a More Peaceful Place

The practice inspires self-love and acceptance, and these effects ripple out in concentric circles of compassion and kindness. You will cultivate love and compassion, and be so moved by your own discoveries, that you'll be inspired to share this sacred sense of celebration with others, and as a result, the world becomes a kinder, more compassionate, more peaceful place. I was so inspired by the notion of people embracing their innermost, natural selves, of finally vanquishing negative thoughts about their bodies, and deeply connecting to spirit in their practice, that I created the DVD series Yoga Undressed so that I could help others experience this same kind of empowerment, freedom and joy. The practices in Yoga Undressed go beyond conventional "naked yoga" because they teach us how to harness the transformative kundalini shakti, our sacred life force, while experiencing the freedom of moving through space without clothing to restrict our movement, and more importantly, free of shame that restricts our souls.


At Naked Yoga Sydney our goal is to provide an opportunity for real male community and holistic social interaction between supportive, centered individuals who enjoy the practice of yoga as well as the company of other naked men. We strive to provide an atmosphere of comradery, body-acceptance, and sensuality (not sexuality). The classes are open to adult men of all ages and body types and sexual orientation
If you or a friend would like more information on our classes, please email me at or feel free to forward this email to them using the 'Forward email' link below.


NYS Yoga
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