St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket Parishes
January 2, 2020
mercyWorks of Mercy Opportunities

Happy New Year!

I was delighted to return from break and find that a number of you had journaled over the holidays.

I'm looking forward to reading more of these - and to see journal entries from those who have not yet had the chance.  You might want to journal about the Works of Mercy you did this fall before returning to school next week.
Please think of taking advantage of these, as well as finding opportunities in your daily life.
  • Jillian Altosino, the Life Enrichment Director at Citadel Healthcare is eager to have students help with baking, decorating cookies, making goodie bags to give to shelters, making crafts, coloring, painting. playing games such as Bingo, Trivia, Sing-a-longs/Christmas Carols.

    "We are also looking for any hidden talents such as singing, playing a musical instrument, etc. We are open to any suggestions you might have as well."

    If you would like to volunteer with the elderly, contact her at or 847-795-9700.
  • An elderly neighbor who lives close to the St. Emily parish grounds, on Marcella, needs help shoveling their driveway.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact David Mika.
  • The Liturgy Committee needs your help to put away all the Christmas decorations.  The sign up is here.  
You can find ideas on these lists for things to do in your everyday life.

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