May this New Year Bring...

New Dreams and Opportunities
and Renewed Faith and Hope
to Your Families and
Our Parish Community.

The Journey continues...
Reflections with Fr. Mark
Feast of Faith

Why does the liturgy begin with a procession? It is not just a practical matter of getting the ministers of the liturgy from the sacristy to the sanctuary. The procession is a powerful sign of who we are as Christian people. We are not static, staying in one place. We are going somewhere.

Our procession leads us to the altar, sign of Christ’s presence in our midst. We move, we process, because we recognize our need for what Christ is preparing for us at that table. We go forward eagerly, because we are hungry for that heavenly food.

This procession is an orderly one: servers, deacon, priest presider. Each is set apart by distinctive vesture: albs for the altar servers, dalmatic for the deacon, chasuble for the priest. The procession is an image of the hierarchical structure of the Church. On a deeper level it is an image of unity in diversity.

We are all on a journey to the heavenly city, but each of us is clothed with different gifts. We all receive the call to service, but not in the same way. Only by coming together in all our wonderful variety can we achieve the work of the kingdom. © J. S. Paluch Co.


Fr. Mark
REMINDER: Confessions will not be held on Saturday, Jan. 2.