Monthly Newsletter | January 2019
Your #HealthyMinds Update
Happy New Year! To start 2019 on a positive note, we're taking a new spin on New Year's Resolutions. Will you join us? Rather than trying to resolve or "fix" something in your life, we challenge you to focus on evolving or growing in a way that's meaningful to you, and to help the young people in your life do the same. There is power in positive thinking for supporting both mental and physical health. Let's harness that power as we move into the new year. Here's to New Year's Evolutions!
Growing Together in the New Year
Instead of "resolving" pieces of our lives, which has a negative connotation, we prefer the positive outlook of  evolving  as individuals and as families. With that in mind, here are tips to make this year richer and less stressful for you and the young people in your life. Read more.
Young Healthy Minds: Shining Light on Mental Health
We're really proud of our latest video, which illustrates how we help families to feel less alone in the midst of mental health challenges. There aren't enough mental health clinicians, yet there's an incredible need for resources to support the emotional health of young people. To fill this gap, our free, online platform provides trusted, actionable education for families. Watch & share.
The Clay Center in the News
More than 4 million children endured lockdowns last school year, a groundbreaking Washington Post analysis found. The experience left many traumatized.
Young child hovering by school desk
Fatigue that seems to have no cause can be confusing. It's tempting to attribute your sleepiness to something physical, but sometimes, the source may actually be mental. 
Young woman sitting up awake in bed
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